In fact, when you hold the cat, this is the case in its eyes

Many cat -raising shoveling officers usually hold cats. After all, soft and cute cats are really comfortable in their arms.But do you know, in fact, when you hold the cat.This is the case in its eyes!

① "You are not happy"

In fact, the cat’s brain is very similar to humans. They can easily feel your emotions, depending on whether it is willing to care about you.

When many pet owners are unhappy, they will hold their cats, hoping to get comfort and reliance on cats.And when you pick up a cat, the cat can feel your emotions. It knows that you are very unhappy now. At this time, the cat will obediently in your arms, and even use your paws to light you gently to comfort youEssence

With such intimate cats, I believe your mood will soon be better.

② "You are too sticky"

If you hold the cat for a long time every time, watch TV holding it, playing with your phone holding it, and even holding it to the toilet and sleeping, then in the eyes of the cat, you hold it up, it is too sticky to it.It is not possible to have it without it.

The cat knows that you stick to it because you love it, but some cats think that the owner is too sticky and will resist.

③ "You miss it"

Every time you go home, you hold the cat tightly, and you will say some in your mouth, "Baby Heart and Lives", "I want to die", etc., then the cat will think that you separateDuring this time, you miss it very much, this is the performance of love it.

When the cat is alone at home, I also miss you, so at this time, it will also use your head to pinch you with your head to express your thoughts.

④ "You want to reward it"

When the cat was young, some shoveling officers were training cats. When the cat did well, they would embrace it, snacks, etc., and would also tell it some praise.The owner picked it up to give it a reward.

After the cat grows up, the owner holds it, and it is also the owner’s reward in its eyes.

⑤ "You are protecting it"

In fact, cats are timid animals. Many things will scare it. For example, thunder lightning or animals larger than it will scare it shivering.At this time, the pet owner generally holds the cat in his arms, and he will gently stroke it and soothe its emotions.

The cat feels a sense of security in the arms of the owner, and it will calm down slowly.Therefore, in the eyes of cats, the owner holds it, in fact, it is protecting it. The number of times is more and more and more rely on the owner.

⑥ "You want to slap it again"

I believe that the original intention of most shovel officers to raise cats is to want to stun cats anytime, anywhere. After all, the cat’s soft body, who watched it?If you hold the cat every time, you keep touching the cat, your head, belly, chin, and back must be touched again.Essence

Some cats with good temper may let the owner be stunned casually, but the temper is irritable, and there is no patient cat. Maybe if you touch it for a long time, it will escape.

很 Cat is really a cure. When the shoveling officer wants to sting the cat, the hand feels better. The cat is smoother, and he usually cares about the cat’s hair.It is best to help it with hair every day to avoid hairy hairs, and you can also feed it with beautiful hair such as lecithin, egg yolk, etc. The staple cat food must also choose a beautiful ingredient.

Conclusion: Do your cat like to be hugged by you?

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