In July, do n’t be soft when I encounter a plum, cook the refrigerator at a time, and take it with it.

Introduction: In July, do n’t be soft in the water, high nutrition, and strong seasonality. It is a good time to cook the refrigerator at a time.

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Summer is a season of melon fruit. When it was a mature listing in July and August, the exquisite, round and round, sweet and sour, red and red plums were deeply loved by people.Plums have high nutritional value. They are flat and acidic. They are rich in various trace elements, dietary fiber, fruit acid, amino acids, vitamin A, vitamin C, and vitamin B12., Shengjin appetizing, strengthening the stomach, eliminating food, clearing the liver, clearing the heat, clearing heat and removing fire.

Although the plum is delicious, it can also provide a lot of nutrients for the human body. However, because it contains high amount of fruit acid, it is easy to hurt the spleen and stomach during excessive consumption. Therefore, it is not appropriate to eat more at a time.However, the seasonal nature of Lizi is relatively strong and it is not easy to save. The temperature in summer is high. It is a pity that it is easy to waste if it is not eaten at home in time. It is a pity that it is a pity!How to do it?Do n’t worry, let ’s share a method of delicious and storage. I cook the refrigerator at a time.

1. Pick off the tail of Li Zi first, wash it, and soak it in light saline for 10 ~ 15 minutes. The purpose is to sterilize and remove pesticide residues. After the time is overWater.(If the plums bought are particularly sour, it is best to remove the plum skin before doing it. This will feel better after doing so)

2. Dry the dry water cut the flesh along the nucleus with a knife. Remove the nucleus in the middle. The plum should be cut as much as possible. If it is too small, it is easy to break when cooking.Then put the cut plum meat in the basin and add two spoons of white sugar. I did not specify the sugar sugar. It can be stirred and stirred. Put it in the refrigerator.Pickled one night, and the plum meat was cooked after being marinated, and the taste was better and sweeter.

3. Then add a small bowl of rock sugar and pour the marinated plum meat (the plum meat will produce a lot of juice after being marinated, pour it into the pot along with the juice), then pour the appropriate amount of water.Just pass the plum meat, turn to medium and low heat slowly after the fire is boiled.

4. Plum meat continues to cook for about 3 minutes, then turn off the heat, then pour into the pot, and add two spoons of honey to stir well when it is not hot.Then take a few clean glass jars with water -free oil and oil and no oil, use steam and sterilize, sterilize, and then cool it. Finally, put the completely cool Lizi cans into the bottle.It’s okay, it’s particularly convenient to save with food!Moreover, after the refrigerated plum canned, it tastes more refreshing.

Don’t cook for too long, about 3 minutes. When you see that the edge of the plum skin starts to rise slightly, the plum skin in the middle can be turned off when it is cracked.Jam.

Plum is more sweet and delicious than eating directly, and it is easy to save. It is also very convenient to eat.Although the nutritional value is high, we should also pay attention when we eat it. Do not eat the plums during the empty stomach, and do not eat the immature plums, and do not eat too much at a time.

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