In order to love the post -celebrities after 00, go to West African officials to declare the production, and the child’s skin color is questioned by netizens

Remember the women’s net red week to go to Africa for love?As a post -00 girl, the Zhou and Zhou databst fell in love with no custody. The African uncle who was ten years older than her had to live with her to live with her. Even if many netizens persuaded in the message area, she still ignored her.Set on the journey to Africa

After Zhou Zhou arrived at Nigeria with her husband, netizens found that she had lost contact. For this reason, she also boarded various hot search, and even shocked the foreign embassy. Although it posted a clarified video afterwards, it still failed to resist it.Netizens are worried about her, and because this Zhou Zhou quickly became popular on the Internet, I got the attention of many people.

And recently, Zhou Zhou posted a production video on the social platform to record the process of producing in Nigeria. In the video, Zhou Zhou was produced. His husband has always been with Zhou Zhou. When the child was born, he was born.Zhou Zhou’s husband also cut off the umbilical cord in person, and it can be seen that he is still very good for Zhou Zhou and his children.

Originally, this was a happy thing, but was discovered by netizens with sharp eyes. They found that the shooting method of this video was completely different from the previous shooting method of Zhou Zhou.There is no trace of a little jitter. Whether it is a mirror or editing, it looks like the professional team is done.

If this is the case, it is definitely not as simple as the love of Nigeria that week. When netizens talk about it, the skin color of the Zhou Zhou children exposed key information, because from the video, netizens found that the child’s skin color is not the skin color of the child is not the skin color of the child is not the skin color of the child is not the skin color of the child is not the skin color of the child is not the skin color of the child is not the skin color of the child is not the skin color of the child is not the skin color of the child.Black skin, isn’t this child’s father’s father of Africa?

In fact, it is not blame that netizens have such speculation. According to normal, Africans are very powerful. Children from Asians and Africans are generally black skin, not yellow skin. In addition, netizens have previously some netizens.The news broke, saying that Zhou Zhou was pregnant in April last year, and he could clearly see Zhou Zhou’s pregnant belly.

It is reasonable to have been born long ago, but she announced the production production in August this year. Can it be a Nezha?Not only that, as a week after 00, I have always hoped to be a blogger, so when she saw that the multinational love was numerous because of the number of people who shared the life of life, she thought ofCause netizens’ attention

At the beginning, Zhou Zhou fell in love with Koreans on the Internet, but after the two were now, the other party did not see him. After breaking up, Zhou Zhou fell in love with Uncle Africa, and now he lives abroad with Uncle Africa.In the end, she is Chong Yangmei. Now because of the child’s skin color, Zhou Zhou’s comment area is full of doubts from netizens.

Everyone is curious. If the child is really not an uncle Africa, what will happen to Zhou Zhou? Do you think the child is an uncle Africa?

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