In pregnancy under the age of 14, the hospital will mandate a public security organs or procuratorial organs!

The age of sexual consent in my country is 14 years old

Criminal law clearly stipulates

Knowing that they are young girls under the age of 14

Also sex with it

Whether the young girl is voluntarily

All will be guilty of rape

Pregnant at the age of 14

The hospital will report the public security organs or procuratorial organs

I have tried it in many ways



Huai’an: Three -color warning is added in the medical record system,

"One -stop" dual report

According to the Huai’an People’s Procuratorate of Jiangsu, Jiangsu Huai’an Procuratorate and the Municipal Health and Health Commission added a compulsory report "Red Orange and Yellow" three -color warning function in the electronic medical record system of various medical institutions at all levels in the city.

When a girl under the age of 14 is registered and admitted to the hospital, if there is a pregnancy and pregnancy, the system will automatically jump out of the red warning, reminding the doctor to report through the electronic medical record system, and report to the public security organs or procuratorial organs through a compulsory reporting platform to avoid a doctor.I don’t know who reports to who reports, how to report, and dare not report.

▲ On March 22, the People’s Procuratorate of Changyang Tujia Autonomous County, Hubei, jointly carried out a special rule of law training for the "Either Minor Compulsory Reporting System" of the county’s medical system.

In addition, the search found that Jiangsu Yixing also forced reports to automatically remind the procedure into the hospital diagnosis and treatment system. When the doctor’s admission is entered into the infringement of minors, the system will jump out of the compulsory report automatic reminder procedure interface, reminding the doctor to perform the compulsory compulsory compulsory compulsoryReport obligation.Jiangsu Lianyungang embedded the "Mandatory Reporting Reminder Procedure" in the city’s hospital diagnosis and treatment system, reminded the sexual assault clues in the diagnosis and treatment, and recorded the case with one click to the hospital’s legal department.

"According to national laws, medical staff faced the obligation to report to relevant departments in the face of possible minor infringement. The entire medical community should actively cooperate with clues, which is an important part of protecting minors." 3On the 26th, Deng Liqiang, executive director of the China Health Law Society and Deputy Director of Beijing Huawei Law Firm, said in an interview, "Construction of a compulsory report platform will remind the procedure into the electronic medical record system.What is solved is how the doctor encountered how to report and report to whom after encountering suspected minors’ infringement. "

In addition, in April 2022, the Huai’an Procuratorate received suggestions from the people’s congress representatives transferred from the Huaian City People’s Congress on the implementation of the mandatory reporting system for violating the case of minors, and began to actively study and implement measures.Comprehensive practice and convenience, in the end, the hospital chose to develop a compulsory report platform in the "I Huai’an" APP and officially launched at the end of January this year.The platform is a channel collection channel for information setting specifically for infringement of criminal clues of minors.

▲ "I Huai’an" compulsory report platform



Lianyungang: There are already hospital trials,

The city will promote the whole city

As early as April 2019, the Lianyungang City Procuratorate jointly issued the "Implementation Opinions on Establishing a Mandatory Reporting System for Cases of Cases (Trial)" in cooperation with 8 units.Those who are infringed or faced with other dangerous circumstances shall report to the public security organs in a timely manner and notify the procuratorate’s unbcent department.However, after the investigation and development of the procuratorial organs, after the trial of the implementation opinions of the mandatory reports, the relevant responsible entities have not fulfilled more than 10 compulsory report obligations, involving hospitals, hotels, schools, and children’s directors in multiple fields.

▲ Lianyungang report platform

To this end, the relevant departments rely on the "My Lianyungang" digital government APP to develop compulsory report supervision mini -procedures, set up voluntary reports, real -name reports, anonymous reports, evidence upload and other functions to achieve the "one -click report" of the clues of minors.The procedure was officially launched at the beginning of this year. So far, a total of 6 clues have been received, and all clues have been closed -loop management. One of them has been punished by law and order.

At present, Lianyungang No. 1 People’s Hospital first test the HIS system in the HIS system embedded in the "Mandatory Reporting Reminder Procedure", which has realized the pop -up reminder of sexual assault clues found in diagnosis and treatment, and the case is filed for one click to the hospital’s legal department.Report to the judiciary in time.The later period will be promoted and applied to the city’s medical institutions on the basis of summing up the pilot experience.



Wuxi Yixing: For nearly 2 years,

Cover nearly 30 medical units

"Prosecutors and administrative units urge medical and health units to set up compulsory reporting procedures in the diagnosis and treatment system to allow each medical worker to take the initiative to participate in the work of protecting minors to ensure early discovery of clues, early intervention of problems, evidence of evidence, evidenceEarly fixed. "From the Yixing Procuratorate, it was learned that in May 2021, the mandatory report automatically reminded the procedure to be tried in some hospitals in Yixing City.

▲ Prosecutor’s delivery of compulsory report risk reminder card

According to the relevant person in charge of the Yixing Procuratorate, in May 2021, when the hospital involved a case involved in a minor, he found that the victim of the case had surgery for surgery due to infringement.Rope with law.However, it is understood that the consulting doctor should verify the information of the victim without verification, and did not report to the public security organs.In response to the issues reflected in the case, the hospital was delivered to the Procuratorate of the Yixing City Health and Health Commission to put forward countermeasures for strengthening the supervision and management of medical and health units and staff, and the implementation of the implementation of the compulsory reporting system.

In May 2021, the mandatory report automatically reminded the procedure for trial operation in some hospitals.It is reported that the procedure is embedded in the hospital diagnosis and treatment system. When the doctor’s admission is entered into the infringement of minors, the system will jump out of the compulsory report to automatically remind the program interface to remind the doctor to fulfill the obligation of compulsory reporting.

According to the relevant person in charge of Yixing City Procuratorate, the forced report automatic reminder procedure has been online for nearly two years, and has covered nearly 30 medical and health units in Yixing City.As of now, the procuratorial organs have received 15 clues to compulsory reports, and 10 cases and 10 cases have been supervised and guided by public security organs.

In the next step, the Yixing Procuratorate will further improve the investigation mechanism in advance with the relevant administrative agencies, and steadily promote the "one -stop" inquiry system to avoid the possible trauma that the minor victims may bring in the secondary inquiry.Protect the legitimate rights and interests of minors.

"Criminal Law of the People’s Republic of China"

Article 236 Anyone who rapes women with violence, coercion or other means shall be imprisoned for three years and less than ten years.

The young girl who is less than 14 years old, with rape theory, punished with heavy penalties.

Rape women and adultery young girls, who have one of the following situations, will be sentenced to more than ten years in prison, life imprisonment or death sentence:

(1) Rape women and adultery young girls are bad;

(2) Rape women and many young girls;

(3) Rape women in public in public places and adulterate young girls;

(4) Gang rape for two or more;

(5) Young girls who are less than ten years old may cause harm to young girls;

(6) Severe the victim’s serious injury, death or other serious consequences.

Article 236 For those who are 14 years old and less than 16 years old, women who have special responsibilities such as monitoring, adoption, care, education, and medical care have sex with this minor woman.The imprisonment of less than three years; if the circumstances are bad, the imprisonment of less than three years and less than ten years.

At the same time, if the previous one, and at the same time, the crime stipulated in Article 236 of the Law, conviction and punishment shall be determined in accordance with the more severe punishment.

Article source: Comprehensive collation in Guangdong Pu, the main content comes from the Modern Express, Upstream News, People’s Daily Health Client

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