In summer, the child has no appetite, is it accumulated?

Summer is here, and the children’s digestive clinic of Xiamen Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine is more lively than usual. Many parents have broken their hearts for their children’s performance on the table: even if the table is full of dishes they love to eat, children always eat a few mouthfuls and only take a few mouthfuls to take a few mouthfuls.Don’t eat it.Parents are very puzzled: "The child does not want to eat at all, is it accumulated?"

"Spleen failure is critical, and spleen failure is declining." TCM believes that the child’s spleen is relatively weak, and the effect of summer dampness will have a bad appetite.In addition to poor appetite, sometimes there are problems such as poor sleep, often irritability, crying and other problems.


Food cannot digest and absorb spleen and stomach damage

What is going on with children’s accumulation?

Chen Yubin, deputy chief physician of the pediatric department of Xiamen Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital, introduced that "Medical Saint" Zhang Zhongjing once said: The spleen of the four seasons is not affected.The meaning of this sentence is that as long as the spleen is strong, the human body is not easy to get sick."From the perspective of Chinese medicine, the spleen is the basis of the day after tomorrow, the source of qi and blood, the stomach is the sea of water valleys, and the spleen and stomach is the source of human nutrients.

Chen Yubin said that children’s spleen is often deficient. At the stage of childhood, the "factory" of the spleen and stomach is not perfect, or the production capacity is insufficient.Wet effects have caused many foods to not be digested and absorbed, and damage spleen and stomach function.In this case, Chinese medicine is called accumulated food, also called food accumulation.


Can be judged from four aspects to involve symptoms early

What are the symptoms of accumulated babies?

Chen Yubin introduced that in sleep, some babies kept turning their bodies while sleeping, and sometimes worn their teeth and speaking dreams; in terms of appetite, some babies have poor appetite and do not want to eat anything.Some babies are bloating, abdominal pain, dry stools, and even symptoms of constipation; in terms of tongue and odor, some babies have white tongue coating, sour smell, and hot hands and feet."If the child meets the two or three symptoms mentioned above, you can initially determine that the child has accumulated food."

In general, the accumulation of food is characterized by non -thinking milk, abdominal distension and rotten, stool sour or constipation.In addition, it is often merged with a cold, diarrhea, and prove (refers to improper feeding or various diseases caused by children’s spleen and stomach damage and gas liquid loss, which is mostly merged in infants or childhood, which is the nutritional badness called western medicine).)Appear.

The prognosis of accumulating food is generally good. There are also a few children who have accumulated food for a long time. The function of the spleen and stomach is severely damaged, leading to dysfunction of nutrition and growth.


Eating and exercise are indispensable or acupuncture to massage

Chen Yubin said that for the treatment of accumulated food, the first is to control the diet.At the same time, the diet structure is adjusted, the types of food are diverse, the combination of meat and vegetables, balanced vegetables and fruits, rich nutrition, and cultivating good eating habits, so that children will naturally not resist.

In terms of drug treatment, Chen Yubin said that Western medicine is mainly based on probiotic adjustment of intestinal flora. Traditional Chinese medicine mainly uses the method of eliminating food, stomach, liver and spleen, and commonly used drugs include Jiao Hawthorn, Laibizi, Chicken Internal Gold, and Chicken Internal Gold, and Chicken Internal Gold, and Chicken Internal Gold, and Chicken Internal Gold, and Chicken Covenant.Jiao Shenqu, Jiao betel nut, yam, Atractylodes, etc., can also cooperate with pediatric massage, acupoint drug application and other external therapy. It is small and easy to accept.

Gao Shubin, chief physician of the Pediatric Department of the Pediatric Department of Ruilaichun, Xiamen Ruilaichun, introduced that after children’s accumulation, they can also increase the amount of exercise appropriately.In particular, it is important to note that do not cover other problems with accumulated food and beware of other problems in the body.


How can children quickly consume food

Doctors say that if children accumulate food, to achieve the purpose of fast consumption, they need to take appropriate methods according to their age.

If you are a baby who is less than the age of age, you generally take a mild conditioning method. If you use a hot towel or a hot water bottle to make the baby’s abdominal heat compress, gently massage the abdomen in the clockwise direction, and appropriately supplement the probiotic bacteria to adjust the intestinal flora.

If it is a preschool child, it is recommended to take children such as pediatric food pills and athletes, which can help the improvement of bad symptoms.Pay attention to daily diet to balance dietary nutrition, increase the intake of fruits and fruits, timely supplement trace elements such as vitamin C, and often perform outdoor exercise. This can not only promote brain development, but also help digestion and absorption.

Text/Reporter Lan Yunsi Correspondent Ni Jingying

Source: Xiamen Evening News

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