In the 2013 Shandong case, the pregnancy wife was to solve the needs of her husband and deceive the girl for her husband to violate

A woman who could not help her husband to solve the physiological needs during pregnancy, and even tricked a minor girl for her husband to enjoy.

Because the girl was still without interest in the physiological period, the two partners killed and thrown their corpses. Afterwards, the woman said that it was just because her husband did not realize the feeling of virgin.

What kind of people can do such a behavior of annihilation?

On August 3, 2013, a newborn was born in the Huinan County People’s Hospital of Jiamusi City, Heilongjiang Province, but his birth was obviously not blessed by everyone.

The pregnant woman, who had just produced in the hospital, was named Tan Beibei. Nine days before she produced, she did a matter of indignation of people and gods.Many people poured into the hospital spontaneously and wanted to punish this vicious woman by themselves.In the end what happened?

On July 24, 2013, the Huinan County Police Station received a report that the reporter said that his daughter was missing.It turned out that just a few hours ago, their daughter Hu Yixuan and her friend Zhou Chang asked to go to her house to get things, but Zhou Chang waited for him to wait for Hu Yixuan’s arrival.

You should know that the distance between their home is fifteen minutes, and when they go out, the two are still chatting. It is reasonable to say that Hu Yixuan changes his mind without coming.

Because he was worried about his friends, Zhou Chang called Hu Yixuan, but the phone was turned off.Zhou Chang felt wrong and immediately called Hu Yixuan’s parents. At first, Hu Yixuan’s parents didn’t care too much, but when he didn’t see his daughter go home at night, the two went to the police station to report to the police.

According to the description of the family, the police immediately investigated the monitoring of Hu Yixuan’s road to Zhou Chang’s family. In the video, the police saw Hu Yixuan walking towards Zhou Chang’s family that day, but suddenly Hu Yixuan turned around at the corner.I saw a pregnant woman in the picture, and Hu Yixuan helped this pregnant woman and walked towards the opposite direction.

In addition, the police also learned in another friend of Hu Yixuan that Hu Yixuan sent her a message that day, saying that she would send a pregnant woman home.This news is in line with the picture in the video. Then I saw that the pregnant woman and Hu Yixuan entered the community of a forestry courtyard.

But just three hours later, the police did not see Hu Yixuan go downstairs again, but saw the previous figure of the pregnant woman.Without much, there is an additional man behind the pregnant woman. The man carried a suitcase. The two put the suitcase in the trunk of the car together, and then grew away.

The experienced old criminal police suddenly knew what was happening, so he immediately arrested the two people. According to the investigation, the pregnant woman was named Tan Beibei, and the man with a suitcase was his husband Bai Yunjiang.

According to the survey, Tan Beibei returned to Bai Yunjiang’s hometown. The police grasped people in the hometown of Bai Yunjiang. Facing the arrival of the police, Tan Beibei did not seem to be surprised. On the contrary, he was very calm, but he said that he did not know Bai YunjiangWhere is it?

Through the news provided by a driver, Bai Yunjiang once took his car. His independence in Wangjia Village got out of the car. Because the rain was very heavy that day, the police speculated that Bai Yunjiang did not go far, so he was in the Wang family.The village searched Baiyunjiang, and Guo Zhen found Bai Yunjiang in an empty house.

Bai Yunjiang did not honestly acknowledge his criminal facts. He was very cunning, often talking about other, thinking about sophistry.But what he didn’t know was that his wife pleaded guilty long ago, and also identified the place where the corpse was buried.

Hu Yixuan’s parents fainted after knowing the news of her daughter’s death. In their eyes, how sensible her daughter was, and she was only 17 years old. Why was she killed like this?What happened during this period?

Bai Yunjiang had a marriage before meeting Tan Beibei. In this marriage, he still has a daughter.The two met at work. Due to the long -term contact, they gradually fell in love.

Bai Yunjiang is very good for Tan Beibei. Due to marriage, Bai Yunjiang can be said to be doubled to Tan Beibei. In Tan Beibei’s heart, Bai Yunjiang is considerate and gentle.Soon after talking, the two decided to get married, but Bai Yunjiang’s parents were not optimistic about this marriage. They did not like Tan Beibei, a daughter -in -law.

However, Bai Yunjiang insisted on marrying Tan Beibei. Shortly after marriage, Tan Beibei became pregnant. Of course, Bai Yunjiang was happy for this news. As the day of the month increased, Bai Yunjiang decided to return to his hometown to apply for a standard permit.

But when I went home this time, Bai Yunjiang seemed to change a person. He was no longer as gentle and considerate as before, and he would beat Tan Beibei. What is going on?

It turned out that Bai Yunjiang met his colleagues from the previous company when he returned to his hometown, so he learned that Tan Beibei derailed the company’s colleagues during the period of falling in love with him.This was bad at Bai Yunjiang. He thought that everyone laughed behind him at that time, and only he was stupid in the drum.

Speaking of this, Tan Beibei was very guilty about her husband. She knew she was wrong, so she often talked to her husband how to solve this problem.At first Bai Yunjiang just said that if he mentioned this again, it would be fine to transfer the topic.

But gradually Tan Beibei found that Bai Yunjiang couldn’t pass, that is, Bai Yunjiang’s personality became very irritable since then, and he scolded her.In a chat, Bai Yunjiang said that the girlfriend he talked about was not a virgin, nor did he realize the feeling of virgin.

It was also this remark for Tan Beibei for a long time, so he would ask him to find a little girl?Bai Yunjiang immediately agreed with the idea, and then Bai Yunjiang would mention it after intentional or unintentionally.

On the morning, the two quarreled again because of the incident. Tan Beibei proposed to find him a little girl, so Bai Yunjiang looked like an object upstairs. Tan Beibei was pity downstairs, so they chose the young and beautiful Hu Yixuan.

Tan Beibei asked Hu Yixuan to send her upstairs on the grounds of stomach pain. As soon as Hu Yixuan walked to the door, he was pulled in by Bai Yunjiang enthusiastically.Then they handed them two bottles of yogurt. Tan Beibei knew that one of them had sleeping pills.

In this way, Hu Yixuan drank it without any defense. Gradually, she fainted. Bai Yunjiang took people to the bedroom to carry out sexual assault, but just after taking off his pants, he found that Hu Yixuan came to leave.He came out within a few minutes, saying that he didn’t feel it like this.

Afraid of the exposure of the matter, the two decided to kill Hu Yixuan, so they used a pillow to realize that Hu Yixuan died.After their death, they packed the bodies in the suitcase, and then found a deserted open space for buried corpses.

Speaking of these things, Tan Beibei had no fear, but was very calm. Nine days later, her child was born in Hu Yixuan’s hospital.In the end, the court sentenced Bai Yunjiang to death for intentional homicide, and Tan Beibei was sentenced to life imprisonment.

This incident quickly boarded the major headlines, and the Chinese were shocked, and their behavior also caused anger. Everyone was regretting this beautiful girl.Angel Hu Yixuan sent off.

When Tan Beibei returned home to apply for a standard permit, Bai Yunjiang learned from his population that Tan Beibei derailed his colleagues in his units and had repeatedly had a relationship. So is this behavior of Tan Beibei derailment belongs to illegal acts?

According to the relevant provisions of our country, if it is during the marriage duration, the husband and wife and others may form a crime of marriage if they live in the name of husband and wife.

However, the behavior of sexual relationships between Tan Beibei and his colleagues belongs to derailment. Derailies in marriage do not belong to illegal crimes, but it is not in line with public order and customs. It is not moral.

Although their derailment in marriage will not be punished by law, they will be condemned in a moral category.

After Bai Yunjiang learned that Tan Beibei was derailed, his temper became very irritable and often scolded him. Is it illegal to implement violence on family members in daily life?

According to the relevant laws and regulations of our country, illegal crimes are abused by their family members through domestic violence, so this behavior will constitute the crime of abuse in my country’s criminal law.

Therefore, domestic violence is illegal. No matter what reason, it should not be used violence on their family members, otherwise it should be punished by law.

From this point of view, Tan Beibei, who was beaten by Bai Yunjiang, is illegal and criminal. If it is serious, it may still be punished by our country.

Then after Tan Beibei and Bai Yunjiang discussed, one was pitying and deceiving others. How could one wait for the victims of the lover at home, and then how to identify the killing of them?

According to the relevant provisions of the Criminal Law of the People’s Republic of China, no one can violate the relevant provisions of my country’s criminal law, cannot violate the victim’s own wishes, and use some mandatory means such as violence and threats to force the victims to have sex with themselves.

The right to make the right of our lives is the basic guarantee for each of our citizens to exercise all other rights. If illegal criminals have implemented intentional homicide, we will violate the intentional homicide of intentional homicide stipulated in my country’s criminal law.

Their behavior is that although there is no specific rape, the two are afraid that the victims will spread the crimes of the two after waking up and kill the victims to kill the victims.crime.

The sentencing of the crime of rape in our criminal law is sentenced to the crime of violating the crime, and it will be sentenced to imprisonment of more than three years or less than ten years.

For those who deliberately kill the crime of illegal crimes, they will be sentenced to more than ten years in prison, life imprisonment, and even death sentences. If the situation is relatively mild, it will be sentenced to prison for three years and more than ten years.

If Bai Yunjiang really uses a sexual relationship with Hu Yixuan, his behavior will also constitute the crime of rape in my country.

The behavior of helping his husband Bai Yunjiang to help his husband Bai Yunjiang also achieved intentional homicide in my country’s criminal law. He should bear its corresponding criminal responsibility and should be punished by corresponding legal punishment.

It is indispensable to harm people, and the heart of preventing people is indispensable. I hope that every girl can protect themselves outside.


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