In the early stages of pregnancy, expectant mothers must pay attention to the symptoms of anemia!

According to relevant data, nearly one -third of pregnant women will show some symptoms of anemia during pregnancy, such as dizziness and weakness. If the symptoms of anemia of pregnant women do not pay attention, it will cause quite serious consequences.For example, postpartum hemorrhage and weak fetus, so each mummy must pay attention to their physical health, regularly do related inspections, and strive for problems with early detection and early treatment.

The anemia during pregnancy is mainly manifested in intermittent dizziness or weak limbs. Medical testing can determine whether the patient is available in anemia as long as the composition changes in the blood.According to the Standard of the World Health Organization, if pregnant women are less than 110g/L during pregnancy, and blood cell ratio (that is, the volume of blood cells accounted for blood cells) is less than 0.33, which is anemia.

During pregnancy, the blood supply of pregnant women will increase, but the increase in plasma is more than the amount of blood red blood cells, which leads to the dilution of blood red blood cells in the unit blood volume. Hemoglobin is mainly composed of iron. Therefore, it is necessary to prevent anemia and anemia and anemia andIt is necessary to make up for the fundamental to improving anemia. The key to finding the problem can only be cured.

Obstetric experts suggest: new moms with anemia can be equipped with iron with a certain amount of iron to supplement when the doctor knows. It is very suitable for anemia pregnant moms.After testing to see what the pregnant woman is missing, treat the cause, and then match the food therapy to significantly improve the symptoms.

Dietary diets have a lot of knowledge, the diet structure must be reasonable, eat more light and nutritious food, less oil, less salt and other flavored seasonings.Eat more beef, grain, etc. These are rich in iron.

In addition, it is recommended that pregnant mothers can conduct corresponding examinations regularly after iron supplement to ensure that there are no other hematopoietic systemic diseases, because for the cause, moderate supplementation can make the pregnant mummy’s physical condition better.

Summary: Whether it is physiological anemia or congenital anemia, it is necessary to pay attention to it. The conditioning during pregnancy and related medical treatment should have nothing to do.’s arrival

(Obstetrics Department of Shaanxi University Affiliated Hospital)

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