In the Qingming season, there are rain, and pregnant women have learned (cautious)

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Then to Qingming, smoke and rain, worshiping the ancestors, and pedestrians mourning.In this festival that specializes in the ancestors and the deceased, many families will give their families to present flowers in front of the mausoleum of the deceased.This is a mourning festival.

However, as a pregnant mother, the memorial service of the ancestor worship, if it is not for the last resort, may wish to take care of the heart. In such a special period, for the baby, this year, it is best to abandon the form of memories in form.Essence

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A bunch of people were cleaned and worshiped when the Qingming Festival was sweeping, and firecrackers, burning incense and gold paper were also contaminated, causing pollution of air and noise.There is also the season when the weather is warm and cold during the Qingming season, the most high incidence of colds and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

In addition, if the cemetery area is messy and the road is uneven, pregnant mothers will work extraordinary and need to be taken care of.

Faced with the deceased, pregnant mothers may be difficult to control their emotions and are too sad to hurt their bodies.

These consequences are unbearable by pregnant women.Therefore, it is best not to go to the tomb to sweep the tomb, and you can worship the ancestors at home.

In Xuanzhi’s theory of Feng Shui, it is specifically pointed out that pregnant women and children should pay more attention before and after Qingming, do not have to go to the cemetery, how far away from the dark place, and the pregnant mother should avoid travel at night.

Although our modern science has developed changes in the moon, many ghosts and gods are just nonsense, but during the period of pregnancy, pregnant mothers may wish to have more than one thing, unless they are special, just worship at home.

1. Pay attention to travel: In the Qingming season, there are many people, and the car is crowded.

2. In terms of weather, it is necessary to prevent more: such as rain, the road is easy to fall; if the sun comes out, be careful of sunscreen and heat stroke.

3. In the face of the natural environment, be careful: Qingming is in a warm spring. There are many flowers and mosquitoes in the wild, which may be allergic to pollen and mosquito bites.

4. It is also necessary to consider actual road conditions: Most of Qingming’s grave sweeping still has to go to climb mountains. The road conditions may be rugged and easy to fall.

5. Emperor firecrackers in the Qingming season: Most of the grave sweeping, you have to burn incense, underworld, and firecrackers, which will be polluted by air and noise.

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In short, it is not wise to go to the grave to sweep the grave in the Qingming season.If it is not special circumstances, you must go to the tomb to sweep the grave, it is best to put all your sorrows and miss in your heart.Because there is love in my heart, everything is silent.The deceased has passed, leaving a space in his heart to remember and respect!

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