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As a female healthy signal light, the amount of leucorrhea, color and taste change are all related.

Many sisters are often "less, more, more yellow, red, and tasteful …" In control, because it is more personal, it is usually difficult to open in my heart ~

You are suffering, sorry to say, then Xiaobian is here to help you!Today, I have collected some typical questions of "leucorrhea". Let me talk about it.

Although it has a humid vagina and inhibiting the growth of pathogenic bacteria, it is by no means good.

In addition to the effects of high estrogen in vaginality, leucorrhea is usually caused by various reproductive tract inflammation or even malignant diseases.

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Because I have a lot of leucorrhea, I still have a fishy smell after the same room.When I went to the hospital for examination, the doctor said that the bacterial vaginal disease "is the disease?

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Bacterial vaginal disease is a hybrid infection caused by normal flora in the vagina.

10%~ 40%of patients have no conscious symptoms, and those with symptoms increase in vaginal discharge. They are accompanied by fishy smell, especially after sexual life, and may have mild vulvar itching.It takes 7 to 10 days to treat the treatment course. Maintaining vaginal flora balance is the key to preventing recurrence.

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In the past year, I have a lot of leucorrhea. It is not painful or itchy. Occasionally, I have a little bloodshot, and the leucorrhea has become light red. What is going on?

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There are many possible reasons, including chronic cervicitis, endometritis, cervical or endometrial polyps, submucosal fibroids, or cervical cancer, endometrial cancer, etc. Putting the intra -uterine -saving ring may also cause light red leucorrhea.

If it is a more common chronic cervicitis, it is transparent viscous leucorrhea, with a significant increase in secretion, and occasionally mixed with a small amount of blood wire, which can also be manifested as milk -white mucus or pale yellow purulent secretions.The lower abdomen is painful.

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About a week after each holiday is clean, there will be a lot of leucorrhea, like snoting long, and sometimes it is stuck on the underwear.After a day or two of the leucorrhea, it is gone. No itching and no odor. No problem?

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The increase in leucorrhea in the middle of the menstrual cycle is a normal physiological phenomenon.The level of estrogen in women has obvious periodic changes, and the mucus traits and secretions secreted by cervical gland cells also change.

When the menstruation is just clean, the level of estrogen is very low, and the amount of mucus secreted by the cervical canal is very small; then the level of estrogen continues to increase to the highest peak during ovulation, the mucus secretion increases significantly, thin, transparent, and large brushes; ovulation; ovulation; ovulation;The subsequent progesterone affects, and the amount of mucus secretion begins to decrease again.

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I am pregnant. There are much more leucorrhea than before pregnancy. Underwear is often wet and wet.

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After women’s pregnancy, the body maintains high estrogen and hypertrophic hormones. The vulvar tissue becomes soft and humid, the vaginal epithelium is thickened, the blood vessels are congested, the exudate liquid and the increase of the cells are increased.These can lead to an increase in leucorrhea.

At this time, the leucorrhea is often white paste, without odor, and is not accompanied by itching; if it has vulvar itching and special smell, you should go to the hospital.

Normal leucorrhea is white or egg white.

If there is inflammation, especially vaginitis, cervicitis, or cancer, the color of the leucorrhea will change.

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As soon as it is humid, the secretion will become very yellow and itchy.I can bear it during the day, but it is very uncomfortable at night ~

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This is likely to be a vulva vulva (vaginal vaginal fake silk yeast disease).Pseudoma yeast is a conditional pathogenic bacteria that can be parasitic in vagina, oral or intestine, and causes infection when the body’s resistance is reduced.

Pregnancy, diabetes, a large use of immunosuppressive agents, long -term use of antibiotics or contraceptives, wearing tight -fitting fiber pants, obesity, and humid weather can all become incentives for pathogenic.

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My mother has recently appeared light red secretions and odors. She has been going on for almost three years. What is going on?

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First of all, it is necessary to exclude cancer such as endometrial cancer, cervical cancer and vaginal cancer. In addition, vaginitis of elderly also often occurs with leucorrhea.

After the menopause, the ovarian function decreases, the level of estrogen decreases, the vaginal mucosa atrophy becomes thinner, the pH value of the vagina rises alkaline, the resistance is weak, the ability to kill the genius of the disease is reduced, and the germs are easily invaded and inflammation.

Normal leucorrhea is tasteless or slightly sour. Once a odor occurs, the reproductive tract lesions are often indicated.

In addition to the fishy smell and bloody smell above, there will also be a bad smell ~


Caused by vaginal fur, and it is easy to occur around and after menstruation.It is manifested as the increase in vaginal secretions and itching of the vulva. It may have burning, pain, and sexual intercourse. If the urinary tract infection is combined, frequent urination and pain can occur.

The secretions are purulent, gray yellow, yellow and white or yellow -green, foam -like, and odor; leucorrhea is foam -like and rotten, which is caused by trichomoniasis oxygen yeast carbohydrates.The main therapeutic drugs are metronidazole.


Caused by gonorrhea Nunas bacteria, it is manifested as an increase in vaginal secretions, pus, and accompanied by odor.

Cervical cancer or endometrium cancer

Vaginal secretions are often rice soup or pus and pus, accompanied by evil odor, generally performing advanced cancer.

Regular examination: a comprehensive gynecological examination once a year;

Wear less tight pants or jeans, choose cotton underwear;

There is no sanitary pads on weekdays, and the pads are poorly breathable;

It is not suitable to clean the vagina with various medicinal solutions, which destroys the inner environment of the vagina and causes the flora dysfunction;

Enhance immunity: persist in exercise, sufficient sleep, reasonable diet, balanced nutrition;

Learn psychological adjustment, maintain a good attitude, and avoid excitement and impatience.

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