In the third trimester, the expectant mothers try not to do these three actions, even if it is difficult, it must be held back!

After women are pregnant, their bodies generally become weak. This is for the healthy growth of the fetus. Pregnant mothers must avoid doing something.Especially as the pregnant belly slowly increases, pregnant women should pay attention to some behaviors and movements in daily life, so in the third trimester, the pregnant mother should try not to do the following three actions. For the health of the fetus, you must hold backEssence

1. Qiao Erlang legs

Many women are used to sitting up when they sit down, and their legs are generally longer.In fact, this action will affect the blood circulation of the lower limbs of the pregnant woman, and the pregnant woman may be prone to the lower limb edema. This leg may increase the degree of edema. Furthermore, the super wolf leg will also affect the body’s body of the pregnant woman, which can easily lead to back pain in the pregnant woman.symptom.

Suggestion: In order to avoid calling Qiao Erlang’s legs, pregnant women can add a back to the seat to effectively reduce the symptoms of back pain and back pain. In addition, they must be posted on the same position and put their feet flat as much as possible, especially in the third trimester.The pregnant woman’s pregnant belly may affect the fetus in the abdomen.

2. Squatting for a long time

Although pregnant women are pregnant, they will not be idle, especially at home. When they feel bored, they may do some housework. For example, squatting and rubbing the floor can actually cause oppression for the abdomen for a long time, which may cause abortion problems.EssenceIf the pregnant mother is anemia, it is prone to dizziness symptoms when they come together for a long time, which will not affect the fetus in the abdomen.

Suggestions: In fact, try not to do this kind of squatting or tired housework after pregnancy. Don’t hurt the fetus in the abdomen for a moment.When squatting and wanting to stand up, be sure to move slowly to avoid unnecessary danger.

3. Pregnant women cannot mention heavy objects and hold children

If pregnant women have signs of miscarriage, or when the due date is reached, if it is heavy or holding a child, it is likely to cause excessive force to the abdomen, increase the chance of abortion or mention production.In addition, raising heavy objects or holding children will cause the back to cause the body to balance the body and imbalance, and it will also cause back pain in pregnant women.

Suggestion: Therefore, pregnant women must do things, do not stubbornly, try not to mention heavy things. If there are little babies in the family, you can tease him, but try not to hug him, so as not to hug him.The fetus caused adverse effects.

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