In winter, it is better to eat artemisia seedlings than to eat mustard seedlings. It is only 1 yuan and 1 catties.

Introduction: In winter, it is better to eat Celery Artemisia annua. It is only 1 yuan and 1 catties.

Hello everyone, I am Xiaofeng."Fireworks on the world, the most caress about mortal hearts." The real happiness of life is just the warmth of the lights and the enrichment of chai oil and salt. Three meals a day and four seasons, the food carrying fireworks is the most comforting!

It’s cold, and it’s time to make pickles again. Yesterday, my dad sent me a large bag of mustard.Knowing that I like to eat pickled mustard, my dad grows some mustard in his small vegetable garden every year and carefully manages it. I will send me after the harvest every year.Looking at the fresh and watery mustard, my heart is very happy, and the love of parents for children is so simple.

The whole body of mustard is a treasure. Many friends may only know that it can be marinated, but does not know that there are actually many ways to eat mustard, especially its leaves.Eat, eat soup, eat cold and eat it, it is even more delicious and delicious for making dumplings.Below I will share the specific stuffing methods of mustard dumplings, delicious and juicy, delicious and not greasy!Interested friends can refer to:

1. Pick the mustard dumplings first. It is best to use the tender mustard dumplings. The old hard mustard stalks are wrapped out of the taste.Soak in the middle for 10 minutes, the purpose is to remove ovarian and sterilize.

2. Boil a pot of water in advance, add a spoonful of salt after boiling the water, drip a few drops of edible oil, and then put in the mustard dumplings for simmering water.Moisture, then chop them into the pot and put it into a pot for later use.Add a little salt and edible oil when the vegetables are simmered, which can keep the color of the vegetables after the water.

3. Come and prepare the meat filling, take a piece of 3 points of fat and 7 points of thin pork, separate the fat from the lean meat, and then chop the lean meat into the meat filling into the pot., Pepper, raw soy sauce, oyster sauce, a little sesame oil, green onion and ginger, stir well, and then marinate for about 20 minutes to make the pork filling fully absorb the seasoning.

4. I like the fragrance of fat, but I don’t like its greasy, so every time I make dumplings, I will do this: cut the cut fat into slices, then add an appropriate amount of oil, put it in the fatFry the slices, fry the fat, fry the oil in it, turn off the heat, remove the oil slices, and put it in the lean meat filling after chopping it.

After frying the fat, you can adjust the dumplings. It is not greasy. Don’t waste the oil it fried. It is just used to adjust the stuffing, wow fragrance!

5. After the meat filling is marinated in the taste, pour it into the chopped mustard dumplings, then pour the oil of the fried meat first, stir the water evenly, then add an appropriate amount of salt to season. IfI feel that the filling is a bit dry. At this time, you can get into a egg, and finally stir well. The delicious and juicy mustard dumplings dumplings are adjusted.

It is when the mustard is listed. I encounter a soft, cheap and delicious, buy some home, marinate the mustard, and use the mustard dumplings to eat dumplings.That’s it for today’s sharing. I am Xiaofeng. If you like Xiaofeng’s sharing, please help forward+like+collection to support Xiaofeng. Let’s see it next time!Thanks for the support!Thanksgiving to meet!

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