In Zhen Huan’s biography, there are as many as 8 people from the queen to promising infertility, and there is a forced pregnancy

In "Zhen Huan’s Biography", even if the emperor was almost broken, the emperor was almost the same, and the Emperor’s rewarded Huan Yixiang’s sin, there were as many as 8 people in the infertility!In addition, add a forced pregnancy!

1. Queen

Uranaraye had born a brother, but he died of illness shortly after a long time. Yixiu hugged his son sadly in the heavy rain all night. As a result, he fell into the sickness and could no longer get pregnant.Yixiu’s infertility was pitiful, but she became ruthless and spicy.

2. Duan Fei

Duan Fei stayed in the palace in the palace, but because of the emperor and the elderly back pot, they gave them an abortion medicine in the baby’s fetal medicine to Hua Fei, causing Hua Fei’s child to die.In order to revenge, Hua Fei poured many red flowers in Duanfei, which made her never have childbirth.Duan Fei’s sorrow lies in that she loves the emperor too much, so that he has suffered the grievances of heaven.

3. Hua Fei

Hua Fei also really loves the emperor, because her mother’s family has the right to have a high power, so she died of an ending ending in infertility.Before dying, the moment Hua Fei knew all the truth and died in the wall, maybe she would never love the emperor again.

4. Jing Fei

Jing Fei was once a man in Hua Fei’s room. The two lived together, so how much they were stained with good incense, which led to years of no pregnancy for many years.I don’t know if Jing Fei knows the greasy cat!

5. Ning Yan

Ning Yan’s infertility was promoted by the queen. Qi Fei is a tool, but she really does not want to cultivate a daughter for a child who does not love. This is the biggest reason for her infertility!

6. Qi Yan

Qi Yan is more beautiful, the IQ is insufficient, and the red musk beads rewarded by the queen all day are proud of it.

7. Li Yan

The reason for Li Yan’s infertility is the same as Jing Fei. It can be seen how serious the wrong person is.

8. Zhi Yin

Zhi promised to be the maid of Hua Fei’s confidant. How many years have been stained for many years, and each time she sleeps, she has to drink the contraceptives given by Hua Fei. How can she be pregnant?

9. Concubine

An Lingrong has followed the queen for many years, and every time he sleeps, he is asked to drink contraceptive pills by the queen.Like Ming Jing, the queen was as afraid of her subordinates as Hua Fei, and she had no sincerity to anyone.In order to save his father, An Lingrong forcibly pregnancy according to the Queen’s Fang Zi, but he could never have birth.

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