Introduction to three pregnant production insurance: guarantee pregnant mothers and newborns

As mentioned earlier, for medical insurance, the relevant costs of women during the pregnancy period are all within the scope of the exemption, so they all need special insurance for protection.It is a mid -to -high -end pregnancy production insurance, and it is the best in the scope of protection and insurance services.

The complete guarantee responsibility for pregnancy production insurance includes mothers and newborns

Mother’s guarantee includes prenatal examinations and expenses. Medicine must have a miscarriage fee, the cost of cesarean section necessary for medicine, fertility complications, pregnancy -induced insurance deposits, etc.

The guarantee of the newborn includes the care cost of newborn babies, conventional medical examinations, health and immune costs of new babies

Additional emergency medical transportation services to mothers, including ambulances, emergency medical transfer, accommodation costs with personnel, return and burial of the body

Under the domestic property insurance company in the country.

The coverage of the insurance type covers the world. For many people, it will treat it as a must -have for giving birth to a child in the United States, or a must -have in the domestic high -end maternal and child hospitals in China. As long as it is a regular medical institution, it can.And support direct payment, the insurance company directly pays related medical expenses.

In the insurance rules, the insured at the age of 18-40 is supported, 6-34 weeks of gestational weeks, supporting single-child (including artificial conception) insured;

In the insurance period, the pregnancy version is effective to 45 days / 30 days after delivery, and the different plans are different; the pregnancy preparation version is 30 days after the effective date to childbirth (including multiple tires)

In terms of claims, domestic insurance companies can pay direct payment or apply for claims after paying themselves; when medical treatment abroad, they need to be reimbursed after paying more than 10,000 US dollars.He has confirmed whether you can accept the domestic company account for payment, or apply for claims after paying it.The recommended method of payment can prevent some medical institutions from abusing the price of higher diagnosis and reduces the amount of self -payment fees that I borne. It can also ensure that the short -term certificate of medical expenses is obtained in the shortest time after production, which is convenient for postpartum after delivery.Leave.

There are specific insurance rules. For example, the first child is a cesarean section, and the second child cannot insure the plan; the plan does not accept artificial conception, and the four plans do not accept RH negative blood types.

The specific guarantee plan is divided into 4 types, three for pregnancy, one for pregnancy.The scope of the plan is the most complete, the scope of protection is as follows, and there is still a large difference

At the same time, in response to emergency situations, the four plans are guaranteed, the difference is that the insurance amount is different.

In special circumstances, such as abortion, for natural tire stop / fetal death or abnormal fetal, but continuing pregnancy will aggravate their own condition, and the proposed abortion application can be paid.

At the same time, due to the characteristics of pregnancy in pregnancy, the following information is required before the insurance.——Anti -medical examination.

At the same time, in addition to the conventional past symptoms, if it is a selective cesarean section, it is refused. For some medical expenses exceeding the usual practice, it will also refuse to pay.

This insurance is the existence of Kangyuan MC3 in all aspects. It is almost not too much in terms of guarantee responsibility or rate.In the during pregnancy, there is a natural conception of 6-32 weeks + 6 days. The insurance premiums of each plan are 50 yuan lower than the corresponding plan of MC3. They do not support direct payment and need to be reimbursed afterwards. The surrender fee is low.

From the perspective of the guarantee content, there is almost no difference, and it is the same if you can use the above icons.

There is a plan that only guarantees domestic medical care. The guarantee responsibility is exactly the same as the planning three, and the premium is relatively low.

The product operation form is similar to MSH. The operation is responsible for Shengxuan Health, and the insurance insurance is guaranteed.If you value domestic medical treatment or a company’s brand brand, you can choose the insurance type.

It is different from the previous two insurances.

In terms of insurance restrictions, the scope of insurance is inconsistent: women 8-42 years old, women who are more than 4 weeks of pregnancy (no insurance on the date of production and production), a single child/twin of natural conception (multi-child pregnancy requires artificial nuclear nuclear nuclear nuclear nuclear nuclear nuclear nuclearInsurance), but do not accept artificial conception.Limited to invest in the occupation of the insurer, lawyers, medical practitioners, and high -risk occupations need to be confirmed by underwriting before they can undergo the health requirements for pregnant women., Can be underwritten.

At the same time, the scope of protection only covers domestic public hospitals and designated private hospitals, and does not bear the global guarantee, so the insurance amount is relatively low;Relatively more fair in terms of security

In terms of guarantee content

The guarantee for the mother is almost not much different, and the pregnancy and artificial abortion have become a must -have responsibility

The guarantee for newborns

Due to the extension of the guarantee cycle and a year long, the degree of protection for newborns has been strengthened.(You need to declare the information of the newborn after the child is born))

In terms of outpatient medical care, the proportion of reimbursement needs to public special specialty can only reach 80 %. At the same time, it is not limited to designated private medical institutions (basically covering domestic mainstream private hospitals)

In the hospital medical care, the proportion of reimbursement for public hospitals is also limited, and it can only reach 80 %.

Protect the congenital diseases that newborn may suffer from, and rarely cover the insurance type that can cover congenital disease protection.

In the emergency medical insurance, the responsibility for reimbursement of the cost of accompanying personnel is missing.

Kangyuan MC3, Worry -free and Xiyanbao in pregnancy belong to a high -end medical insurance type on the horizontal line. The first two cover the world, the rate is relatively fixed, and the latter only guarantees the domestic., Floating is large.

If you have a plan to go overseas, you can choose Kangyuan MC3, with MSH’s huge medical network and the claim experience, you can get a good medical experience; you can choose different guarantee plans according to your own economy and needs.

If you are in China, you can choose Xiyanbao, which is more friendly and the scope of protection is more comprehensive.

At the same time, when considering the insurance type, it is best to refer to whether the hospital you want to go to is in the medical network of the insurance type.


The information update of this article at 2022.2.14

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