Inventory of 6 big entertainment industry with foreign nationality, which one is the most unexpected?

No. 1: Jet Li, joined Singapore’s nationality.

Jet Li was born in Beijing in 1963. When his father died at the age of two, his mother lived with him and two brothers and two sisters.At the age of 8, Jet Li met Wu Bin, the first nobleman in his life.Wu Bin felt that Jet Li was handsome and talented, and had the talent of martial arts, so he brought him to Shichahai Sports School to practice martial arts.In this way, Jet Li officially opened his martial arts career and also changed his life trajectory subtly.

In 1972, the 9 -year -old Jet Li practiced martial arts in the past year, and followed the coach to participate in the National Games and won an outstanding performance award.In the same year, he was named at the opening ceremony of the "Pan -Africa Latin Table Tennis Championship" and performed martial arts performances.After the performance, it was also accepted and praised by Premier Zhou Enlai.Jet Li participated in the National Games martial arts routine in 1975 and won the all -around champion.

In 1980, Jet Li starred in the work of "Shaolin Temple", and since then in the film and television industry, it has become popular and entered the public’s vision.Cheng changed from a little -known little man into a kung fu star.In 1991, Jet Li starred in the work of the famous director Xu Ke- "Huang Feihong’s ambition Ling Yun". This film pushed him to the peak of his career, and the film continued from this film.

Jet Li has two marriages, and his ex -wife is his sister Huang Qiuyan.Huang Qiuyan is from the art family. His father Huang Boshou is the director of the Beijing Military Region Cultural Regiment. His mother Chen Lianghuan is the dance teacher of the Song and Dance Theater. As a sister, Huang Qiuyan has always taken care of Jet Li.Jet Li went to the house to be a guest, and used the money he asked for his parents to buy things to visit Jet Li’s mother and son.

In June 1987, Jet Li and Huang Qiuyan went to the Civil Affairs Bureau to make a note, and the two formally settled into husband and wife.In 1988, Huang Qiuyan gave birth to a daughter named Li Si.One year later, in 1989, Huang Qiuyan was pregnant again. Jet Li went to Hong Kong to shoot "Dragon in the End of the World".

When Jet Li went to Hong Kong to shoot "Dragon in the End of the World", he met Li Zhi.Since then, Jet Li was deeply fascinated by Li Zhi, thinking that he had found real love.Li Zhi is the 2nd Miss Asian champion in 1986. He is considered a mixture of angel face and devil figure. In June 1991, Li Lianjie and Huang Qiuyan went through the divorce procedure. At this time, Huang Qiuyan was still pregnant, and Huang Qiuyan gave birth toThe second daughter, named Limei.

In 1999, after Jet Li returned the 8000W giant debt owed by his investment in his investment, the two were married in Los Angeles.After marriage, Jet Li loved Li Zhi, and Li Zhi officially withdrew from the entertainment industry since then, and lived the life of Mrs. Kuo.Li Zhi gave Jet Li two daughters. In order to make Li Zhi peace of mind, Jet Li gave all the property of 2 billion to Li Zhi to take care of it.

No. 2: Zhang Tielin, joined British nationality.

Zhang Tielin was born in Tangshan, Hebei in 1957. Later, because of his parents’ work, the family went to Xi’an to live.Zhang Tielin has looked good since he was a child, with a good facial features, tall nose bridge, and cold temperament.Zhang Tielin, who graduated from high school in 1973, was assigned to the countryside. Four years later, the country resumed the college entrance examination. Zhang Tielin began to study hard and was admitted to the Beijing Film Academy.

One year after college, Zhang Tielin was appreciated by the director and filmed a film and television drama, but there was no fame.In 1982, Zhang Tielin, who graduated at the age of 25, was assigned to the Tianjin Radio and Television Art Troupe.That year, Zhang Tielin cooperated with the hot actress Gong Xue to shoot the TV series "Under the Bridge". Later, with the "Burning Burning Yuanmingyuan" and "Listening to Political Government" with Liu Xiaoqing and Liang Jiahui.The opportunity to study abroad in the UK.Later, with his own efforts, Zhang Tielin was admitted to the Royal Film Academy and quickly joined the British nationality.

After graduating, Zhang Tielin met the Polish girl who was directed by the TV station. The two quickly had feelings and married. After marriage, the wife gave birth to a mixed -race daughter for him, named Zhang Yueliang.After the marriage, Zhang Tielin obviously paid more attention to his career, so his wife who had been under pressure alone was difficult to understand, so he chose to divorce him, and his daughter returned to his wife to raise it.

After returning home, Zhang Tielin has been tepid until she filmed "Returning Pearls".A "Return to Pearls" made Zhang Tielin, "Emperor Ama", once again became a household name. Therefore, Zhang Tielin’s career also reached a peak period. Since then, he has become a "emperor professional household" since then.

No. 3: Siqin Gaowa, joined Swiss nationality.

Siqin Gaowa was born in a Red Army family. His father was once the Red Army soldier and his mother was a primary school teacher.His father died early. In order to take care of the younger brother and sister, the mother had to send her back to her mother’s house and was raised by her grandmother.Grandma’s age is high, and when Siqin Gaowa is young, he assumes housework and farm work inside and outside.In 1963, Siqin Gaowa ushered in a turning point in life. This year, she became a campus star with a "cup bowl dance", and then participated in the national minority literary performances.Two years later, she was selected to the Inner Mongolia Song and Dance Troupe as the reporter.

After Siqin Gaowa entered the Inner Mongolia Song and Dance Troupe, he was seen by Sun Tianxiang, the director of the Inner Mongolia Film Studio, so Sun Tian started a warm pursuit relative to Siqin Gaowa.At that time, Siqin Gaowa was still a little girl who was in love. In the face of a mature man’s violent pursuit of himself, he soon fell into love.Sun Tianxiang is going to be 9 years older than Siqin Gaowa. Siqin Gaowa always rejected Sun Tianxiang on the grounds of his age and as a young age, but Sun Tianxiang’s pursuit has become more violent.After a few years of falling in love, in 1968, Siqin Gaowa, who was only 18 years old, married Sun Tianxiang. One year after marriage, her daughter was born, and then gave birth to a son.

After having a child, the two returned to reality from love. Sun Tianxiang was particularly masculine and never helpful to bring children and housework.Therefore, while going to work, Siqin Gaowa took care of the family and raised his children. On the days of two people, Siqin Gaowa became a widowed parenting.Another time Sun Tianxiang had a private relationship because Siqin Gaowa and an actor had a private relationship. They actually fought in the face of Siqin Gaowa in front of their children. A pair of children were shivered by scared.Siqin Gaowa woke up and was with his father like Sun Tianxiang. The children would not grow up healthily, and the children would be affected by the domestic violence of Sun Tianxiang.So Siqin Gaowa resolutely married, and Siqin Gaowa took away her daughter Sun Dan, and her son Sun Tie left Sun Tianxiang.

After returning to the single, Siqin Gaowa quickly met the second husband Ao Xingchen. After half a year of acquaintance, the two entered the palace of marriage.During this marriage, Mr. Siqin Gaowa’s career developed better and better. Gradually, the two became a state of strong women and men.Xing Chen’s psychology began to be unbalanced. He hoped that he had a Gu family’s wife, not a big star. The two continued to quarrel, and the marriage quickly reached the end.

After two failed marriages, Siqin Gaowa met the love of this life: Chen Liangsheng.Chen Liangsheng is a very good musician, a loyal fan of Siqin Gaowa, 16 years older than Siqin Gaowa.In 1986, the two met under the introduction of director Ling Zifeng. At first sight, the two were as good as they were. At the end of the year, Siqin Gaowa married Chen Liangsheng.She took her daughter Sun Dan to Switzerland. After that, Siqin Gaowa followed her husband to join Swiss, and rarely appeared on the screen.On the evening of February 28, 2022, Chen Liang died at the age of 89.

4th place: Liu Yifei, joined the U.S. nationality.

Liu Yifei was born in Beijing in 1987. Liu Yifei’s father An Shaokang is a French professor and dean of the Confucius Institute of Wuhan University. His mother Liu Xiaoli is the solo actor of the Wuhan Song and Dance Troupe.Liu Yifei’s grandfather Kong Jun is the deputy secretary of the party committee and grandma An Yunshu of Wuhan Medical College.In 1997, Liu Yifei, who was just 10 years old, encountered unexpected family changes, and his parents divorced due to emotional reasons.

In order to allow Liu Yifei to be better educated, her mother Liu Xiaoli asked Liu Yifei to go to the United States to study.Liu Yifei has been in high school in the United States. In 2002, Liu Yifei returned to China to participate in the Beijing Film Academy’s admissions examination. He successfully passed the three rounds of exams and officially became a student in Beixing.Before graduating, Liu Yifei received an invitation from the TV series "Golden Family Family" to star in the female No. 2 Bai Xiuzhu, leaving a deep impression on the outside world.Later, under the leadership of her mother, Liu Yifei received several good scripts such as "Tianlong Babu", "Fairy Sword", "The Condor Heroes", and became the youngest after the history of the Golden Eagle Awards.

Liu Yifei appeared in the entertainment industry at a young age, which has a inextricable relationship with her "righteous father" Chen Jinfei.Chen Jinfei was born in Beijing and started his costumes. He was transferred to real estate. As early as 1998, Chen Jinfei was one of the 6 largest private companies in Beijing.By 2000, Chen Jinfei has more than 20 companies, with a value of 226 million US dollars, of which the most well -known Tongling Group has a market value of 2.6 billion.

No. 5: Peng Yuyan joined Canada.

Peng Yuyan was born in Taiwan Province in 1982. He has divorced his parents since he was a child and lived with his mother.Peng Yuyan’s mother is an ordinary professional woman. A person who has worked hard to make money to raise him and two sisters. He often works hard until two or three o’clock in the middle of the night to go to bed. Many times Peng Yuyan is taking care of his grandmother.Grandma spent his life and took him to immigrate to Canada. He has lived in Canada with his mother and two sisters for many years.

In 2002, because of her grandmother’s death, Peng Yuyan returned to Taiwan from Canada.At this time, he was watched by director Yang Daqing and starred in the TV series "Love White Paper" and officially entered the showbiz.In 2005, Peng Yuyan played the role of "Tang Yu" in the TV series "The Legend of the Sword", and was loved by many audiences.In 2005, in the idol drama "Dolphin Fall in Love", Peng Yuyan looked like the naughty boy in "Love White Paper". He tried to play young people with autism for the first time. It also took a month to learn how to get along with the dolphinAnd after the drama was filmed, he successfully passed the formal assessment of dolphins trainers and obtained qualification certification.Not only that, Peng Yuyan will add a skill every film. When he filmed "Mekong Action", he learned Thailand. When shooting "Breaking the Wind", he became a professional bicycle athlete.

In 2011, Peng Yuyan starred in the movie "Roll!""Axin" became the turning point of his career. He was shortlisted for the best actor in the 48th Taiwan Film Golden Horse Award with the show.In 2014, he starred in "Huang Feihong’s Heroes with Dreams", becoming the new generation of Huang Feihong performers after Jet Li and Zhao Wenzhuo, and nominated the 34th Hong Kong Film Golden Award for Best Actor.In the same year, the campus love movie "The Year of the Hurry" starring Peng Yuyan was 586 million yuan in the total box office of Mainland China.In 2018, Peng Yuyan’s action comedy movie "Evil Is Not Pressing" was released.

Sixth place: Kaneshiro, join Japanese nationality.

Jinchengwu was born in Taiwan, China in 1973. Jincheng Wu’s mother is Taiwanese. Dad is the first Japanese to spread eel raising technology to Taiwan.At the age of 15, Jincheng Wu entered the entertainment industry for shooting soda advertisements.In 1991, Jinchengwu starred in the TV series "Grassland Champion" and played Chen Naijian, who was kind in the play.In 1993, Jinchengwu and Yang Ziqiong, Mei Yanfang, and Zhang Manyu co -starred in the science fiction action movie "Modern Heroes", playing the handsome and kind -hearted long sky in the film.In 1994, Jinchengwu and Lin Qingxia, Liang Chaowei, and Faye Wong co -starred in the film "Chongqing Forest", and played the policeman He Zhiwu, who was numbered 223.

In 2002, Jinchengwu starred in the movie "Ambush on Ten Faces". In the film, he played the handsome and charming actor Jin Cai, and his reputation was famous.In 2005, Jincheng Wu appeared on the cover of the US "News Weekly".In 2007, Jinchengwu and Jet Li and Andy Lau co -starred in the film "Investment". In the film, Jiang Wuyang, who played a strong personality and upright brother, and Jinchengwu was shortlisted for the Best Supporting Actor Award at the 9th China Changchun Film Festival.

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