Inventory of the five major "pit people" postpartum rehabilitation project

Full moon sweat, discharge milk, ovarian conditioning, pelvic repair, and uterine recovery were rated as the five major "pit people" postpartum recovery projects by Bloger.(Southern Weekend Reporter Cui Huiying/Picture)

Postpartum rehabilitation subject "Little Wang rehabilitation" and intermediate rehabilitation therapist Wang Yifei released a few short videos to take stock of the five "pit people" postpartum rehabilitation projects -sweating, discharge milk, ovarian conditioning, pelvic closure (repair) and pelvic closure (repair)The uterus recovered."Maybe a lot of people’s cheese, but I hope to use popular science to break the IQ tax. Many problems actually don’t need to spend money, and it will be solved by doing exercise." Wang Yifei told Southern Weekend reporters.


99%of the ingredients in human sweat are water, and the remaining 1%include sodium, potassium, calcium, chlorine, and urea nitrogen. Women are in a weak state after production.It is prone to dehydration or even heat stroke.

In March 2023, a reporter from the Southern Weekend on the production of a chain brand saw that in a closed room of about 6 square meters, some consumers were conducting sweaty items at full moon, 1488 yuan three times, and the salesperson claimed that the appointment was very tight.


Most Baoma will mention that postpartum milk is an important service.But the residual milk after the milk is not reliable.The discharge milk refers to helping women discharge milk from the breast ducts after weaning or returning milk."In fact, after weaning, the residual milk will dissipate and absorb. Sales staff say that the residual milk will ferment and deteriorate. In the end, there is no scientific basis for nodules or cancer. Improper methods will damage the breast." Wang Yifei said.

Ovarian conditioning

That is to maintain the ovaries and prevent premature ovarian failure.Southern Weekend reporters learned in many production -recreational institutions that there are many services for the project, including essential oil SPA, moxibustion mud moxibustion, technique massage, infrared radiation, electrical stimulus, etc.However, Wang Yifei introduced that the real ovarian conditioning needs to change the habits of living habits and raise it from the perspective of diet, exercise, and sleep. "Massage with tens of thousands of expensive essential oils, at most just moisturize the skin and moisturize."

Pelvis closed (repair)

A large number of muscles and ligaments in the pelvis are very solid. Most people can recover as early as the beginning after giving birth. A few people have the combination of pubic bone separation and misplace.Causes joint disorders or muscle injury pain.

Uterine recovery

The uterus is stretched by 10 times during pregnancy. It takes 6-8 weeks to gradually recover after giving birth. Uterine muscle fiber contraction and endometrial repair are a natural physiological process. Breastfeeding and walking can promote dew discharge.Cosmetic treatment is needed.

Southern Weekend Reporter Cui Huiying

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