Irregular bleeding is because of menopause?The mother of the advanced cervical cancer is "two years old" this year

My mother is the best mother in the world. What annoyance and housework will share a lot for me.I am usually busy at work. I haven’t got married at the age of 32, but in her eyes, I have always been a child and call me my baby.I never thought about it, she would gone within half a day.

At the beginning, her routine holiday was not as regular as before, but she always thought that it was okay before. In fact, it was because of our ignorance. I used irregular bleeding as a menopausal symptoms and slightly abdomen pain as ordinary dysmenorrhea.I apply hot compresses, cupping, and massage every day. I also relieved a lot. I always think that it will be better.

As a result, her mother confirmed the advanced cervical cancer after a year of continuous bleeding.And I also learned after several years that the hospital had the examination of this disease, and I could get vaccine in advance.But it’s all late, my mother and I have never done gynecological examinations.

I just bought a house at home and took a small yard. I bought her on the first floor.We will feed stray cats in the small yard together, and she will also go out to buy food on a bike.On the morning of the walk, she and I planted peanuts with her. Who would have thought that later, it became the last time I and her.

My biggest wish is that her illness is better. I find a boyfriend, and she can take her grandson together to play in the garden.I ca n’t think about it now, and I ’m so distressed.That afternoon, she suddenly had blood in the stool. I hurried to the hospital. As a result, because of the hemorrhage, the doctor said to me directly.

I couldn’t believe it at all. I cried at the hospital and told my mother that you can accompany me again and can’t leave.I am a single parent, and I have been dependent on my mother since I was a child.

Isn’t it that after death, is the hearing disappearing?

She was like hearing my call, her nose kept sobbing, as if she was crying, and the corner of her eyes was full of sparkling tears, but she couldn’t move.

When he did the funeral, Dasao also came, saying that his mother always called to care for him, and he would never have this sister again.And I am thousands of times more painful than him.The only relative in my world, the only mother, said nothing and left.

When I returned home that night, everywhere was the shadow of my mother.I just cleaned the bathtub, and I had to take a bath for her. After I liked us the bath, I lay on the bed. When I massaged her, she would say, it ’s good, it would not hurt anymore.

Mom, I know you have gone to a good place, at least, there will be no more pain to torture that place.I heard that one day in the sky and the earth for thousands of years. If that, it may not take long for us to meet.I thought so, I seemed to be happy.It is a pity that the rest of the daughter is too long. Some people have said that the talents left are the most painful. Without a mother, they will never have it.

"The tree wants to be quiet and the wind is more windy, and the child wants to raise it."

In a blink of an eye, I have been pregnant for 6 months, and I still think, how good you should be.I think you enjoy the blessing. Even if my husband pays a lot, it hurts me very much. I still think, how good it would be if you enjoy it with me.I feel bad for you to have been too bitter before, but when you are particularly good now, you are gone.When you think of it, you are uncomfortable.I know you want me to be good, I am also very good now, but there is always a regret. The regret name is that you are gone.

Mom, I hurt you, you know, I love you very much, better than anyone, including myself, you know, it hurts when you see you suffering.

A while ago, I had a dream and dreamed that you came out of the toilet in the small house before.As before, I laughed at me and did not change.I hugged you and cried so much. I said, Mom, I miss you, okay, I miss you.I kept crying in my dreams and kept crying …

I ca n’t lie to myself, see you, I am happy, sad, and miss, only tears can be expressed.My friend often said that my mentality is good now and it’s okay.I also said, yes, it’s much better, it’s okay.I just know, I still miss you in the dream.

Will people really have reincarnation?

If so, mother, are you two years old now?

Mom, I hope you are happier than here.I am also working hard and happy, because I know, you want me to live well.Both your baby and husband are very good, and I also enjoy the most casual and happiest time in this life.I will also treat myself well, because I know you feel bad for me to eat too much, and I will live happily for you. I know that you will be very happy if you see it.

I do n’t know if it ’s like this, telling others, but no one else will understand this pain.One person I know is more than 40. The older generation is still there, and my parents are healthier.I feel uncomfortable in my heart. I don’t know if I have done something bad in the previous life. My only hope is that I am happy with my mother, but I can’t realize it.

After so long, I still can’t help crying, and then I am dizzy and distressed. I don’t know how to survive it. I can only see the stories of cancer friends and family members who have experienced such experience every day.We are not alone, because only what we have experienced will understand this feeling. It is really difficult, and it is really bitter.

Mom, I will cheer, you can see me in my dreams …

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