Is a woman "under" bleeding?These three situations must be vigilant

Maybe many women think that the following bleeding is the aunt who comes to the big aunt. There is indeed this possibility. Some people have a disordered menstrual rule.Auntie, but if it is the following situations, it may not be menstruation, it may be caused by disease, and we must be vigilant.

1. The menstrual period is 2-5 days

The law of menstruation generally does not have much menstrual blood on the first day, and the number of on the second or three days will gradually decrease until no.However, after the menstrual blood has not been menstrual, it will come a little more after a day or two, called "Meridian Blood", which is a normal phenomenon.However, if some menstrual periods are 10 to 20 days or just "shake", it is abnormal.

2. The menstrual cycle is generally 28-30 days

As long as the menstrual cycle is regular, it is normal, whether it is 28-30 days, or a menstrual period in 40 days.However, it should be noted that menstruation is easily affected by various factors. Therefore, it is normal after the mistakes or 3 to 5 days in advance.However, if this menstrual cycle is 40 days, the next time is 20 days, and this situation often occurs, and the period is lost, which is irregular menstruation.

3. Dark red menstrual blood

Normal blood is dark red and no blood clots.If menstrual blood is completely coagulated, it is abnormal.If the blood is as thin as water, it is not normal to be a bit pink or black.

4. The amount of menstrual blood is generally 20-100 ml

The amount of menstrual flow of women varies from person to person. It is normal to change 3 to 5 sanitary napkins or paper every day.If the blood volume is too much, and change the sanitary napkin or paper once, it will be soaked at once, and even the blood flows down the legs, which is not normal.Excessive menstrual flow may be because the uterus, ovaries are abnormal or systemic diseases, and they should seek medical treatment in time.

1. Disease

The menstrual cycle is irregular, the menstrual blood is endless, the amount of menstruation is too small, and the contact bleeding.It is abnormal bleeding, commonly in gynecological diseases, especially endometrial cancer, endometrial polyps, and uterine fibroids.Abnormal bleeding of most local organs is a benign lesion.For safety, we must choose a regular hospital for relevant examinations to clear the diagnosis.

2. Caused by contraceptive pills

The main components of contraceptives are progesterone and estrogen.Suddenly, after the drug was stopped, the progesterone in the body dropped sharply, and the endometrium could not be better supported, causing the endometrium to fall off and leading to bleeding.There will be local abnormal bleeding after the contraceptive pill is discontinued, but it will be cleaned in about 3 days, and the amount of blood flows out is very small; it may also be related to the in -palace., Lead to local bleeding.

3. Bleeding during ovulation

The ovulation period was ovulation 14 days before the next menstruation.At this stage, the level of hormone levels changes greatly, causing the endometrium to fall off, leading to ovulation and bleeding, generally lasting for 2-3 days, and the amount of bleeding is very small.

The above is the introduction of the following three cases of bleeding. I hope to help the majority of female friends. If the above three cases occur, they should go to the hospital for examination in time. If it is a disease problem, it must be treated in time.

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