Is bleeding during pregnancy?Not necessarily, or it is related to these 4 reasons, maybe to see

One of the obvious features of women’s bodies after pregnancy is that menstruation will stop the tide. Under normal circumstances, women will not have vaginal hemorrhage during the entire pregnancy.However, in reality, there are still some women who have bleeding after pregnancy.This is also worried about expectant mothers, for fear of miscarriage.

In fact, bleeding during pregnancy is not necessarily caused by abortion, and there are many reasons that will cause this phenomenon. Specific mothers do not have to worry too much. As long as the specific reasons are found and dealt with in time, most of them can still get pregnant normally.EssenceLet’s take a look at the causes of bleeding during pregnancy!

1. Bed bleeding

If the symptoms of vaginal hemorrhage are just pregnant, it may be caused by the fertilized eggs in the uterus.Generally, the amount of bleeding and bleeding caused by fertilized eggs is relatively small. It can disappear after about 1 to 2 days, and there is no need to worry too much.

2. Cervical lesions

Cervicitis, cervical polyps and other cervical diseases may also cause bleeding during pregnancy.If cervicitis is severe, it can cause cervical erosion and the symptoms of vaginal bleeding. In addition, if you are pregnant, you have cervical polyps before pregnancy. After pregnancy, due to changes in hormone levels, it is easy to cause capillaries to rupture, which causes bleeding.

3. Breakfore abortion

The aura abortion is generally caused by the low level of progesterone in the body.Welon is very important for the development of the fetus. If the value is too low, it will affect the development of the fetus and cause vaginal bleeding. In this case, it is easy to cause miscarriage.

Therefore, after the premature abortion occurs, if it is determined that it is caused by the low level of progesterone, you can choose to treat tires for oral or injection of progesterone. You should also pay attention to rest and avoid heavy physical labor.

4. Ectopic pregnancy

If the fertilized egg does not succeed in bed in the uterus, but in other places outside the uterus, this situation is called ectopic pregnancy.In addition to the symptoms of vaginal bleeding, ectopic pregnancy is also accompanied by abdominal pain and should be treated in time, otherwise it may cause major bleeding and life -threatening.

It can be seen that vaginal bleeding during pregnancy is not necessarily caused by abortion.But even so, vaginal bleeding cannot be taken lightly.So, what should I do if vaginal bleeding during pregnancy?

1. Timely seeking

After pregnancy, you find that there are symptoms of vaginal bleeding. Do not take medicine without authorization or blindly rest.The vaginal bleeding caused by fertilized eggs or cervicitis is not particularly serious, but if it is ectopic pregnancy, it will be greatly harmful to health in time.

Therefore, if vaginal bleeding occurs, you must go to the doctor in time and conduct various examinations under the guidance of a doctor to ensure the safety of the fetus.

2. Pay attention to maintenance

Under the diagnosis of a doctor, if the vaginal bleeding is normal, you cannot take it lightly in this case. After returning home, you should pay attention to your diet to avoid eating cold, cold and irritating food.Tension and anxiety should also be avoided to prevent severe exercise during pregnancy to better protect the safety of the fetus.

According to statistics, many women have vaginal bleeding during pregnancy, but there are not many abortion. Therefore, women have bleeding symptoms during pregnancy.Processing method.Pay attention to diet, rest, and maintain a good attitude.

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