Is cupping therapy the Olympic athlete’s darling really effective?

China Net, August 9th According to the BBC reported on the 9th, at the Rio Olympics, many athletes have the red circle mark left by cupping, including the American swimming Jian Michael PhilpusEssenceThese red circle marks seem to have become the symbol of this Olympic athlete, especially in the American team’s swimming and gymnastics athletes.

How to operate cupping therapy?

Cupping is one of the forms of acupuncture treatment. This is a therapy for the air to generate a negative pressure with the air from the air to the air, causing the skin and causing congestion.

After cupping, it will leave the bleeding erythema on the body. Usually, the seal of the seal will be faded for 3-4 days.

Why choose cupping?

Some athletes say they can relieve pain by cupping. After continuous training and competition, cupping can also help the body to repair.In addition to cupping, athletes also choose some other repair therapies, such as exercise massage, sauna, and ice bath.But American gymnast Alexander Nador said that cupping is more meaningful than spending money.

Nador said, "This is the secret of my health for so many years. Cuppies have helped me reduce a lot of pain."

Chris Brooks, the captain of the US gymnastics team, said that we have started to "self -help" cupping in our team and replaced the tank method with a pumping method.

"We are like this now, where it hurts, where is the cupping, sometimes let my roommate help, and sometimes it is done." Brooks said.

On August 7, after the American swimmers Phils completed the men’s 4X100m freestyle relay, people noticed that the obvious red circle on him, some speculated that he went to play a colorful shot game or was "attacked" by a large octopus.

Who else loves cupping?

Cupping is not only the favorite of athletes, it is also popular between some celebrities and superstars.

In 2004, when the famous movie production personality Winnis Pattlo attended the film premiere, her back had traces left by cupping.

Justin Bieber, Victoria Beckham, and Jennifer Aniston have been photographed with marks similar to cupping.

Nicole Rich has asked her father and singer Leonel Ricci to try cupping, although they did not enjoy the cupping process in the picture they took.

Cupping therapy has become increasingly common. It has become a popular therapy for beauty salons and SPA venues, and cupping tools are sold in traditional Chinese pharmacies in China.

Is cupping harmful?

The British Acupuncture Federation (BACC) said that cupping is painless, and the red circle on the surface of the skin is caused by the blood of the blood on the skin surface, and the small capillaries are ruptured.

However, Phelps and other Olympic athletes posted cupping photos on social media, with painful expressions.

American swimmers Natalie Kaifelin posted a photo of cupping and wrote: "Smile, because it really hurts."

Pavel Sankovich, Belarusian swimmers, also posted a photo of many cupping printed on the leg.

BACC said that cupping can only cause slight burning and release the correct rules of cupping.The agency suggested that people should choose the therapist who has been certified by BACC and has been trained in formal training.

How does cupping feel?

The best way to find the answer is to try cupping once.

BBC deliberately interviewed a traditional Chinese medicine in the center of London.His name is Jackie Long, and he will curtain once a week.

The most obvious feeling of cupping is that there will be a sense of tightness and stress on the cupping area, and it will also be accompanied by some heat.The cupping process will have a slight discomfort, but it will not feel pain.

The mark left after cupping may be a little scared for a person who is trying first, but in fact, it is not as horrible.

After the cup can be removed, the heat will last about 10 minutes.

Is cupping really useful?

The therapist said that cupping can help treat various diseases, help solve muscle problems, relieve pain, treat arthritis and insomnia, and can also play a certain role in pregnancy problems and reducing fat.

Jackie Long has been engaged in cupping for 20 years.He said that cupping is to help people regulate qi and blood, promote blood circulation, and achieve the balance of "yin and yang".The worse the blood circulation, the deeper the mark left after cupping.

However, Edzard Erns, a professor at the University of Ekstet University, said that cupping is a therapy that has not yet been proven. It can only be said that it is a relatively safe method, but there is no evidence to show its effectiveness, and cupping therapy is also.Have not carried out clinical experiments.

When is the origin of cupping?

Jackie Long said that cupping therapy has a history of more than 3,000 years ago in China, but it is also popular in Egypt, the Middle East and the world.

Before using a glass can, people have always used bamboo cups and cans with the same effect.In China, this therapy is called "cupping", and the older generation of China is very popular.

Jackie Long said that in some Western countries, it is difficult for many people to accept the concept of cupping, but in fact, this is a way of detoxification at the Chinese medicine level, which is very popular.(Ding Lijuan)

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