Is depression just bad mood?The 46 -year -old man spent half of his life out of the haze: I want to say to young people …

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On the evening of July 5, the singer Li Yan’s family announced through social media that Li Yan gave birth to himself on July 2, and he was coma after sending the doctor. He finally died on July 5.According to media reports, Li Yan suffered from depression a few years ago.Since the illness, Li Yan has always wanted to work hard to defeat the disease, but recently the illness has risen.

According to a report from the World Health Organization, "Depression and other common mental disorders: Global Health Evaluation" estimates that about 322 million people in the world are suffering from depression, accounting for 4.4%of the global population.

Back in my country, in August 2022, the People’s Daily Health Client, etc., jointly released a "2022 National Depression Blue Book".According to the Blue Book data, the number of depression in my country is currently 95 million, which is nearly 100 million, which means that there are 1 patients with depression per 14 people.

What kind of feeling is "depression"?"I’m depressed", is it a depression or depression?What should we do when depression symptoms appear?What should the people around you do?

"Who can cure my neurasthenia

I can make a cow to answer him for a lifetime "

"I used to be a patient with depression." Li Ming (pseudonym), 46 years old, said frankly to the tide journalist, "But now coming out."

Li Ming said that he is a perfectionist. Things must be the best, you can’t understand, you can’t happen or exist in himself.

In the third year, a ignorant age, at that time, he had such a hint about himself: "I am excellent, I must do the first."Because of the poor family, he felt that he was carrying responsibilities. Every weekend, he would go out to work and earn money at home. "I even had the feelings of my country at the time."

After studying in high school, he felt that at that time he began to live in his world, and he became very focused.On the way to studying at the chemistry class, he watched the fields and trees outside the CMB car, and felt those atoms and molecules."Because focusing on my own world, learning has also been adjusted into the ‘focus’ model’. I didn’t spend too much time. I was still the first place in the local area during the college entrance examination." Li Ming said.

But he clearly knew that he was "sick", that was, he felt that he was incompatible with the people around him and the outside world.In the university, he became inferior, sensitive, perfectionism and idealism. As long as one day was unsatisfactory, the internal consumption in his head increased.He knew that this was neurasthenia and was accompanied by mild depression.

"For four years in college, depression is not accompanied by daily." Li Ming told reporters that the depression he understood was cognitive disorders and emotional disorders. When you could not communicate friendly with the outside world, especially the surrounding environment, it was very good for personal growth.Adverse.In addition, the symptoms of neurasthenia caused by depression and mental internal consumption are Li Ming’s most worried.

He once wrote in his diary: "Who can cure my neurasthenia, I can make a cow to answer him for a lifetime."

Of course, the treatment of neurasthenia is generally going to psychological or sleeping."I am very excited whether in the school’s medical office or the large hospital in Hangzhou. Those doctors can’t say me, because I understand the truth." Li Ming said that he had taken two or three pills in the impression.

"I have experienced twists and turns after work.Stubbornness still plagues him, his memory decreases, his brain is not enough, and there are problems with sleep and gastrointestinal."These are physiological diseases, and I don’t care about it anymore. I want to tell young friends that when your life is on the right track, when you maintain a full vitality every day, you can sleep well, have essence, have essencesQi Shen. "

Li Ming finally said that he did not give up his discomfort against physical and spiritual, and all wise men were crawling out of mud.

Depression is not emotional

Performance may be useless

Many people feel that depression is a kind of emotion, unhappy, sorrowfulness, arrogance, and poor pressure.

Psychologist Martin Seliman calls depression a "cold" in psychology.You may feel that it is not good in a while.

With such a "coat", some people think that the mood is wrong, even out of control, relatives and friends enlighten, and bring them out to disperse, and naturally will get better.

At present, depression is high in the young people, and some parents often say to children with depression: "You have to be stronger, it’s not a big deal, don’t cry without moving."

"But in fact, the biological foundation based on depression is not allowed to stop depression without allowing crying." Said psychological therapist, deputy director of the Department of Mental Health Department of the First Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang University of Medicine, said depression is in psychiatric disease.Emotional disorders.Depression has a certain biological basis, resulting in the pretty of the eard -lobe function, the decline in judgment and decision -making on things; it may also change the intestinal axis and cause the intestinal flora, Resulting in endocrine and immunity.

Li Ming turned back to see the "neurasthenia and mild depression" days at the beginning, he described himself like living in the isolated world, hazy and clear state of things aroundWith the physiological symptoms, "my stomach has been bad, but after various examinations, it is prompted that the gastrointestinal function is good. Doctors think this may be caused by psychological diseases."

my country’s understanding of depression has also gone through a long journey.In the traditional Chinese medical diseases, it was a long time of records about emotional diseases. It was not until the Zhang Jingyue period of the Ming Dynasty that it was fully expressed that the concept of clinical depression closer to the West was fully expressed.

More than 40 years ago, depression was still a strange concept for the Chinese people.In the 1980s, American scholar Kleinman studied at the Psychiatric Department of the Second Affiliated Hospital of Hunan Medical College that the most common diagnosis by Chinese psychiatrists was "neurasthenia", and Kleinman believed that Kleinman believes thatAmong these neurasthenia, if the diagnostic standards of the third edition of the "Diagnostic and Statistics Manual" in the United States, more than 70%of patients can be diagnosed as "depression".

On October 10, 2003, the world’s spiritual health day introduced depression into the Chinese public vision, and proposed the theme of "depression affects everyone".

Also in 2003, singer Leslie Cheung fell in control due to depression and was subsequently sent to the hospital, but did not cure the death.This incident also made the disease of depression more people know.In 2005, Cui Yongyuan, a well -known host of CCTV, admitted that he had severe depression, and called on people not to discriminate against depression patients around him, encouraging patients with depression to bravely admit their disease and see the doctor on time.This has given depression more awareness in China.

Depression during the enclosure period

Most can be cured

Hu Jianbo said that people with depression have from all stages of adolescents to old age. Some data show that the prevalence of young people in the crowd is 15%to 20%, and the elderly are about 15%.

In addition, there are some special depression, such as peripheral depression, which is more common among maternal women.

Ye Cuifei, deputy chief physician of the Department of Psychiatric, Affiliated to the School of Medicine of Zhejiang University, told reporters that the mother will have depression during the perinatal period. Some of them have before childbirth, but they are not obvious. The symptoms of postpartum depression will be more typical.

So far, the medical community is unclear for the cause of depression during the birth of the mother, but it may have some relationship with society, psychology, and biology.

Social and psychological changes, such as changes in character and physical changes, "the focus of the family is on the baby", "Does your husband don’t love me", "My mother -in -law treats me as a feeding machine", and some people are accidental pregnancy.It is not ready for psychology and economy. In addition, depression during perioperation may be related to biology. The body hormone during the perinatal period will change, but not hormone changes will definitely lead to postpartum depression. This is just a pathogenesis mechanism.One of the hypothesis.

Ye Cuifei once encountered such a patient with postpartum depression.This woman was originally a smart and capable white -collar worker. She was decisive and courageous in the workplace, but she became indecisive after childbirth and hesitated.During the clinic, she often asked the husband around her: "What do you say? What do you think?"

The symptoms of depression during the perinatal period are not necessarily depression.According to sample surveys of the obstetrics and gynecology hospital affiliated to Zhejiang University School of Medicine, 70%~ 80%of pregnant women have postpartum mood after childbirth. Most postpartum mood only requires psychological intervention and social support to cure.14%.

The diagnosis standards and diagnosis and treatment methods of perinatal depression are basically consistent with ordinary depression. Depression during perinatal periods is only depression in the perinatal period. However, from the perspective of Ye Cui’s 89 years of clinical cases, the perinatal depression period depression periodThe cure rate of symptoms is higher, "the treatment of medium to severe depression will have a clear effect after 4 to 8 weeks. Some patients can cure one -time and no longer recur."

Get depression

Don’t taboo and doctors

In life, children are tired of studying, adults are busy at work, and they may hear such complaints like "I’m depressed". This may be just a depression, which is different from depression.

How to judge whether there are depression?The psychotherapist of Hu Jianbo, deputy director of the Department of Psychological Health, the First Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang University Medical College, mentioned four gold standards:

The first is the standard of symptoms, such as symptoms such as low mood, decreased interest, dynamic dynamics and other symptoms, and accompanied by physical problems such as insomnia early waking;

The second is the duration of the course of disease, which is more than two weeks;

The third is the degree of severity, is there any loss of social functions;

The fourth is to exclude other organic diseases;

If four points are met, you need to consider whether you have depression.

But there are still many people in the society so far "look at each other" about depression.Even maternals with postpartum depression are afraid of anxiety about being sick by the outside world.Ye Cuifei remembered that she had received a woman with postpartum depression. She originally opened a leave of asking for the mother -in -law and asked her to stop working and went home to rest for a while, but was rejected by the mother.This woman told her that she was afraid that she lost her job after being known by the leader, but in the end she still defeated postpartum depression and returned to normal life work. She was willing to be a propaganda ambassador to share her experience with postpartum depressionPatients.

Light, moderate, and severe depression.For the treatment of mild depression, Hu Jianbo recommends the preferred psychotherapy; the first choice for medium to severe depression is drug treatment with psychotherapy; at the same time, it can also be combined with physical therapy technologies such as RTMS and DC electromagnetic stimulation.Of course, the most important thing is to standardize and professional systemic treatment.

He said that depression is related to heredity and incidents in life, and has a certain relationship with the environment. Therefore, mild depression can also participate in social activities. Doctors will encourage as much as possible to actively participate in social activities, including work, learning, and socializing.Medium -to -severity depression needs to determine whether it is suitable for participating in social activities by evaluation.

Hu Jianbo told reporters that depression does not cure self -healing, but it is mainly mild depression, with relatively small proportion, and there are still recurrent attacks. At this stage, it is recommended that more talks, exercise, and multi -social can improve.For moderate to severe depression, regular system treatment is required, but there will be repeated changes in treatment to improve drug suspension, and long -term treatment is required.Some parents took their children to see the depression, but the treatment felt good for a while, and they were let alone, and then repeated.Therefore, medium -to -severe depression still needs a continuous treatment process of one to two years, and then evaluated according to the condition.Practice proves that the longer the medicine takes, the lower the depression, and the condition will be more stable.

Nowadays, there are more and more depression around me. In Hu Jianbo’s view, it has nothing to do with the rapid development of social pressure and information.People know this disease. In any case, if you feel that you have difficulties, you must find a professional doctor.

Source: Chao News · Qianjiang Evening News reporter Sun Yan

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