Is every mother who is pregnant?What should I prevent it?Lets come look

Xiaoying invited her cousin to live in a few days ago. In fact, the two were not much different, but the roads for the two people were not the same. After the college entrance examination, Xiao Ying did not do much, so they chose to give up studying college., She wants to go out to see the world earlier, and make more money, and although Xiao Ying’s cousin is not very good, her parents insist on letting her go to college, so now Xiaoying’s baby is two years old. SheHis cousins have not graduated yet. Although the two have different experiences in recent years, they have to talk about the two people who have said nothing since childhood.

After talking about their respective life, Xiao Ying cousin accidentally mentioned that she had a black line on her stomach when she was going to lose weight. Xiaoying was a bit strange. In fact, she was pregnant.There are also, but the cousin is not pregnant. How can there be that line?

1. What is the black line on the belly?

In fact, the lines on Xiaoying’s belly and the cousin’s belly are called pregnancy lines. Generally, this line is generally obvious in the early stage of a woman’s pregnancy, but there is a normal phenomenon on Xiaoying cousin.The line was originally related to the body’s body hormone. Even if it is a pregnant mother, some will, some will not, some deep, some shallow, these differences are different from the hormone in your body.Even if you have no changes, you don’t have to worry about it. It is normal, but most people with pregnancy lines will slowly disappear after giving birth to a baby for a year.

2. What kind of pregnancy line is difficult to disappear?

We just mentioned that the pregnancy line on the mother’s stomach will gradually disappear over time, but if the pregnant mothers grow other types of pregnancy lines in other places in their bodies, it will not be so easy to disappear. For example, on the stomach, The inside of the thigh, the red strip line is growing under the breast. This line will change from red to white after the mother is born, but it will not disappear like a black line. ThereforePay attention to your body.

How to prevent pregnancy lines?

In fact, this line is gradually formed because mothers are affected by hormones during pregnancy. Moms will become larger when they are pregnant, so that their skin will become thinner.It will grow slowly, but it will be directly proportional to the weight growth of mothers. If the weight of the mothers grows too fast, the possibility of this line is more likely, so mothers should pay attention to their diet, pay attention to themselves, and pay attention to themselves.In addition, mothers can consciously apply some things to prevent stretch marks when taking a bath. Of course, the most important thing is to have a good mood.It will disappear.

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