Is it better to eat pork or beef?I didn’t expect to eat the wrong time

Many people think that beef looks thinner than pork, so the same amount of beef has a lower energy, a more protein content, and it must be healthier than pork.

But in fact, beef may not be healthier and nutritious than pork. It mainly depends on which part of the pork you eat, which part of the beef, and you have to look at what kind of pigs and beef you eat.

Not much to say, the following is the data of the nutritionist based on the data of the Chinese food ingredients, and the beef and pork "red and black list" compiled to see which meat is healthier.


Beef and pork "Red List"

Let’s put out the nutrition table first, let’s take a look.As mentioned in the table, the beef and pork on the "Red List":

Bull tendon, ox front legs, beef hind legs, beef ridge, ox front tendon, beef rib strip, lean pork.Figure: Gu Chuanling

One, 6 kinds of beef

There are 6 kinds of beef on the list, namely beef ribs, beef hind legs, cattle rear tendons, front legs, ox front tendon, and beef ridge.

Reasons for listing: In beef, from the perspective of energy control, fat control, and iron supplementation, they are all leaders.

Two, 1 kind of pork

There are only one kind of pork on the list, which is lean pork.

Reason for the list:

1. The protein and iron content is similar to the six beef mentioned above.

2. The vitamin B1 content is 9 to 18 times that of 6 kinds of beef.According to the survey of the "Monitoring Report of Nutrition and Health of Chinese Residents (2010 ~ 2013)", the proportion of urban and rural residents Victoria B1 did not reach 87.3%of the recommended intake.

Although coarse grains are also rich in vitamin B1, white -collar workers who rarely eat at home are difficult to achieve the thickness of the staple food.

But even if you eat outside, it is easy to eat 50 grams of pork lean meat every day. This can meet the 22.5%demand for adult women’s daily vitamin B1.A nutritional advantage.

3. Although energy and fat are slightly higher than 6 kinds of beef, the Chinese residents’ dietary guide recommends that there are not many animal meats daily, and the poultry meat is 40 ~ 75 grams per day.

This 40 ~ 75 grams of Li, even if we allocate more for animal meat (such as 50 grams of distributed to animal meat), calculate the difference in pork lean meat or these 6 kinds of beef, the difference in energy and fat is smallThis difference is necessary.

For example, with the lowest beef tendon with pork lean meat and the lowest energy, 50 grams of pork lean meat can only consume 22.5 kcal of calories.Another example is to take 50 grams of pork with the lowest oxiric spine with pork and fat content. It takes 2.65 grams of fat to eat 50 grams of lean meat.

How thin pork is the lean pork here?It refers to pork with fat content within 5% to 10%, that is, it looks like there is basically fat meat. Like the linsei meat, friends who have no concept can refer to the following figure.

The fat content of different types of pork.The picture comes from "China Food ingredients Table Standard Edition No. 6 Edition 2"


Beef and pork "Black List"

Similarly, first release the nutritional comparison table.Among them, beef ranked in the "black list" includes: beef breasts, burdock beef, beef shoulder beef, beef steak;

The pork ranked in the "Black List" includes: pigs (Du Du Geng Pig), Pig Stews (Liangzi Pigs), Pig’s Holle Elbow, Pig Soft Pork Flower, Pig’s Hard Portee, Pig’s Holle Tip, and Pork Ribs.

The nutritional contrast of 11 kinds of beef and pork "black list".Figure: Gu Chuanling

The energy and fat content of these 11 kinds of meat are very high, and the saturated fat content is high.Excessive intake of saturated fatty acids is not conducive to cardiovascular health. Therefore, Chinese residents’ dietary guidelines suggest that saturated fatty acid intake is best controlled within 10%of the total energy.

Taking a young man -made workers (most white -collar workers), the recommended daily energy intake is 1800 kcal, and the intake of saturated fatty acids must be controlled within 20 grams.

We take the pork belly with the content of saturated fatty acids as an example.

Making braised pork is generally chosen to be thin and thin, thin and clear, and the fragrant braised pork. Many people should eat four or five pieces at a time.

4 pieces are 100 grams, which can ingest 12 grams of saturated fatty acids. You must know that milk, eggs and other foods contain saturated fatty acids.So pork and beef with high content of saturated fatty acids really need to control the amount.

Finally reminded 3 points:

1. Of the 11 kinds of meat above, it is clear that the content of saturated fatty acids of beef is higher, so from this, it cannot be said that beef is healthier than pork.

2. In addition to the beef in the form, the fat beef of the hot pot is not selected as much as possible. The fat looks so obvious, and the energy and saturated fatty acids are naturally not low.

3. In terms of saturated fatty acid content, pork is lower than beef. If flaxseed is added to the feed, it can also increase the human essential fatty acid α-linolenic acid and reduce saturated fatty acids, which makes its advantages in fatty acids more prominent.



Not beef is more nutritious than pork. Pork lean meat is not inferior to beef in energy, fat and protein, and more vitamin B1 than beef, and beef has higher meat saturated fatty acids, and it must be controlled.

Therefore, it is important to choose the right meat according to the "Red and Black List" above, but even the pork and beef on the "Red List", don’t eat more, 50 grams per day is good.

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