Is it definitely not good to take a cold medicine for pregnant mothers and have done X -ray to check the fetus?

Gynecologist reminds: pregnant, do not abortion artificially at will

Dr. Deng Yueyue, director of the Department of Family Planning of Hangzhou Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital, talked to a patient in the clinic for more than 20 minutes a few days ago, and the last two said goodbye."I am equivalent to saving a small life, and this lady also keeps her child." Director Deng said, "Originally, she came to make an artificial abortion surgery."

The reason why the lady wanted to have a miscarriage was that she had two cold medicines during pregnancy and worried about the fetus.

"Actually, many people are blindly worried. They think that when I am pregnant and take medicine and do X -ray examination, the fetus must be bad, and I would rather have a miscarriage." Director Deng said that taking medicine during pregnancy, as long as the drug instructions are clearly stated, "the fetal malformations are not clearly stated."The impact of the medication on the fetus is" all or none "," meaning that after pregnancy, if the fetus develops normally in the body, then the drug has no effect on the fetus, don’t worry. If there is really an impact, the fetus will be the fetus, the fetus will be able toAutomatic abortion. "

If pregnant women suffer from certain diseases, they must take medicine. Pregnant women should explain to relevant doctors to use medicines that have less impact on the fetus."Do not stop the medicine secretly. Many of my outpatient clinics have stopped the medicine without authorization. The original disease instead affects the development of the fetus and has to do artificial abortion." Director Deng said.

Does it affect the fetus?

According to data from the US Radiation Association and the Obstetrics and Gynecology Association, the chest tablets taken by the body, the irradiated dose of the fetus in the abdomen is only 0.02-0.07 mm, and the dosage higher than 5000 mcra will cause fetal injuryEssenceIn a single -abdomen X -ray flat tablet, the amount of irradiation of the fetus is 100 milliligns, and the amount of breast molybdenum target checks the amount of illuminance of the fetus is 7-20 milliligns. Generally, it is safe.Radiation examinations are selected to abort.

If you need to perform multiple X -ray irradiations, consult the radiation expert, calculate the total radio dose of the fetus, and then make a decision.

High -doses of ion rays can indeed cause injuries such as fetal abortion, fetal growth disorders, cerebellar malformations, and intellectual developmental disorders, and increase the risk of children with malignant tumors.

Director Deng reminded that when you are pregnant, do not do artificial abortion at will. There may be complications such as bleeding, perforation, adhesion, pelvic inflammation, etc. during the process of artificial abortion, and the risk of secondary infertility occurs above 10%.

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