Is it effective for platelets to eat brown sugar?

Platelet reduction is a benign blood disease. Through systematic and standardized treatment, it can even achieve clinical cure.With suitable food therapy tonics, the course of disease may be shortened and the disease improves.

Is it effective for platelets to eat brown sugar?

Brown sugar does have the effect of nourishing blood, but it does not achieve their favorite effects. Therefore, for patients with blood diseases, they cannot achieve the purpose of improving platelet count/treatment of anemia by brown sugar.But brown sugar is not completely effective. We all know that platelet reduction is an immune lesion, so "combination of nourishing treatment" can indeed promote the improvement of the condition.

1. Brown sugar is warm, has the effects of nourishing qi and nourishing blood, warming the stomach and moisturizing the lungs. Although the effect of brown sugar nourishment is weak, you can choose to take it at the same time as other medicinal materials (such as peanut clothes, crane grass, etc.)Purpose.Female patients with platelet reduction can drink some, and they can also drink appropriately in winter. Brown sugar water nutrition and nourish the whole body to avoid cold in the body.

2. The reason why brown sugar has the effect of nourishing blood is mainly because brown sugar contains glucose, folic acid, and trace elements. These substances can accelerate blood circulation, increase blood volume components, stimulate the body’s blood function, expand the blood capacity, and transport the blood of the human body.And the nutrition of organizational organs has a good effect.In addition, brown sugar can also clear some free radicals, maintain the normal function of the cells, promote metabolism and the production of blood cells.

3. Because brown sugar is soluble in water, it is very convenient to add food or add food, such as sugar cakes, brown sugar porridge, brown sugar steamed buns.But to remind patients, brown sugar cannot be eaten more, so as not to cause excess sugar storage and cause obesity, dental caries.

The main force of promoting the improvement of the disease is regular treatment. Food therapy only plays a certain degree of auxiliary effect and promotes the improvement of the disease.Therefore, patients who confirm platelet reduction must insist on treating confidence in the treatment, and do not listen to the "recipe".

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