Is it normal for pregnant women?What is the reason why pregnant women leucorrhea increase?

During pregnancy, a lot of changes will happen. In addition to the larger and larger stomach, the progesterone of pregnant mothers will gradually increase, and leucorrhea will increase.Suddenly more leucorrhea can trouble pregnant mothers. I don’t know if they have suffered from gynecological diseases. I wonder if it will affect the health of the fetus?The following sweetheart will analyze why there will be more leucorrhea during pregnancy.

Is it normal for pregnant women?What is the reason why pregnant women leucorrhea increase?

Is it normal for pregnant women?

Why are there a lot of leucorrhea in pregnant women?This is due to the effect of progesterone. The blood flow of the vulva, vagina, and cervix of pregnant women accelerates, and at the same time, the amount of moisture is also increased. Therefore, the amount of leucorrhea will increase than usual. This is normal. Pregnant women do not need to worry.

The reason for the increase in leucorrhea in pregnant women

After women are pregnant, ovarian luteal secretes a large amount of estrogen and progesterone to ensure the bed and development of pregnant eggs.After 12 weeks of pregnancy, the placenta will replace the luteal, but it will continue to synthesize a large amount of estrogen and progesterone. Therefore, pregnant women will always maintain high estrogen and high progesterone.After the cells relying on estrogen and progesterone dependencies, the secretion of the cervical glands is formed by the vaginal leakage liquid and the mixing of the cells and falling off cells, and it will continue to discharge from the body during pregnancy.

It is worth noting that the amount of votes secreted by leucorrhea is directly related to sexual ideas and sexual life.In the period of a new wedding honeymoon or sexual life, the amount of leucorrhea will increase.In addition, some women will increase their leucorrhea when they are pregnant or oral contraceptives.

1. Pyony leucorrhea: It is usually caused by vaginal inflammation. The most common is trichomonas vaginitis, and there is also itching of vulva.It can be seen in endometritis, chronic cervicitis, senile vaginitis, uterine effusion or foreign objects in the vagina.

2. Cheese -like leucorrhea or tofu -like leucorrhea: Usually mold vaginitis, this inflammation also causes vulva itching.

3. Bloody leucorrhea: This is a submucosal fibroids, functional disorders, uterine hemorrhage, cervical cancer, urethral meat, endometrial cancer, cervical polyps, cervical erosion, and senile vaginitis can cause bloody leucorrhea.In addition, the in -palace can also cause it.

4. Yellow water -like leucorrhea: If this kind of leucorrhea appears, first consider whether it is advanced cervical cancer, endometrial cancer or submucosal fibroids with infection.

5. Yellow purulent leucorrhea: urinary disorders increase with white belts, and yellow purulent leucorrhea appears, which is a serious inflammatory response.The chlamydia can cause low viscosity in cervicitis leucorrhea, and it will also make the secretion of white pulp cervix.

Usually, there is generally no special treatment for pregnant women’s leucorrhea.Because there are many vania secretions, the outer pussy will always be in a wet state and stimulate local skin. Therefore, pregnant women usually pay more attention to personal hygiene, and change their underwear every day to keep the underwear dry.vulva.

So the increase in leucorrhea after pregnancy is normal.However, if the number of leucorrhea after pregnancy increases and the vulvar itching and special odor also appear, go to the hospital for treatment.

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