Is it really suitable for you?Read it after a while, easily judge

Stewed chicken soup to nourish qi and blood

Can there be no fewer Codonopsis in the pot?

Make good use of qi to nourish the spleen and stomach

Use the wrong but can extend the disease

Director Ni Cheng

Beijing University of Chinese Medicine

Sports and Research Center for Traditional Chinese Medicine and Reproductive Medicine

Codonopsis was originally born in the upper party area of Shanxi, so it was named Cangshen.

Codonopsis has the effects of replenishing qi, strengthening the spleen, nourishing the stomach, and nourishing the lungs. In clinical treatment, it is commonly used to replace ginseng for ginseng, conditioning the body for patients with mild qi deficiency symptoms.

However, if you misuse the medicine, it may cause adverse reactions such as blood pressure, oral ulcers, swelling and pain.

Is it really suitable for you?Knowing a while:

Test one up and down pedal test

Following the rhythm, stepping on the pedal up and down with rhythm.

In the test, if the legs are soft, weak, breathless, and abolished halfway, it means that the tester is easy to get tired and suitable for the use of Codonopsis.

The spleen is the main muscle. Codonopsis can nourish qi, strengthen the spleen and stomach, nourish the spleen and stomach qi, strengthen the muscles, and relieve fatigue.People with chronic fatigue syndrome, lazy limbs, and soft muscles, weakness, weakness, and fatigue, and it is suitable to use party ginseng to make up.

Expert tips:

Easy fatigue refers to normal work, study, and activity.

Test II recitation decibel test

Recite the text and use the sound decibel test instrument to record data.

Whether the voice of the individual speaks is a direct relationship with the lung qi or the deficiency of qi.Speak in daily breath, shortness of breath, breath, asthma, and coughing weakness, which shows that you are qi deficiency, suitable for using party ginseng to nourish lung qi.

Test three empirical tests

People involving the above eight situations are not suitable for replenishment with party ginseng!

Why is the body’s empirical empirical?A video takes you at a glance ↓↓↓

Qiaoqiao Nuzhong Yiqi


Codonopsis 30 grams, 10 grams of licorice, 50 grams of rice.Soak the Codonopsis and licorice cold water for 30 minutes. Add the clean rice to the water of the foam, cook it on high heat, and cook in low heat.

Licorice enhances the taste while replenishing the spleen and qi, clearing heat and detoxifying, moisturizing the lungs and relieving cough, relieving pain, and rejuvenating with the party.Public supplementation in the stage of bad and chronic disease recovery.

Codonop participation gas porridge can be regulated for a long time, which helps the recovery of the qi of the spleen and stomach and the improvement of the spirit.

Health Tips: Please go out to wear masks, wash your hands frequently, ventilate, and go to the crowd densely.

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