Is it still useful to eat folic acid after accidents?

The first thing to want to have a healthy baby is to supplement folic acid and keep the baby away from the danger of neural tube deformity.Although there are more and more nursery -age couples that are currently planning, there are still many unexpected pregnancy.The baby arrived unexpectedly, making the prospective parents happy and shocked.What I like is to be parents. I am surprised that I heard that I have to eat folic acid tablets before pregnancy. Is it still useful if you are pregnant now? In this regard, experts said that as long as you find that you are within March of pregnancy, there are still there still.Need to eat folic acid tablets.

It is still useful if you don’t take folic acid before pregnancy.

Folic acid plays an important role in the growth of cells, and the synthesis of nucleic acid, amino acids, and protein. It is an indispensable nutrient for the growth and development of fetal baby.The first three months of pregnancy is the critical period of fetal nerve development. If the expectant mother lacks folic acid at this time, it will easily lead to the development of fetal nerve tube development and increase the incidence of spine bales and brainless children.

Therefore, it is recommended to start eating at 3 months during pregnancy until three months after pregnancy.Given that there are many people who are pregnant, the elderly couples should take folic acid tablets regardless of whether they are planning to be pregnant.

Supplement folic acid is not as better as possible to cause the baby’s dementia

It is necessary to take folic acid tablets, but excessive intake of folic acid not only does not play the effect of preventing fetal malformations, but can easily lead to zinc deficiency of quasi -mothers.If the expectant mother continues to deficiency, it will cause the baby’s dementia.

Some expectant mothers not only take folic acid tablets, but also eat various nutrients, such as pregnant women’s milk powder, multi -dimensional tablets, etc.In fact, multi -dimensional tablets and some pregnant women’s milk powder originally contain folic acid. If you only eat a multi -dimensional tablets or only drink pregnant women’s milk powder, it is generally safe for expectant mothers.However, if you take folic acid tablets at the same time, it may be too much.The folic acid intake of ordinary expectant mothers is 0.4 mg/day. If you are a expectant mother with a family history of neuropharmature, you must consult a doctor and appropriately increase the amount.

Folic acid -rich foods

In fact, in addition to taking folic acid tablets, childcare couples can also ingest folic acid from their daily diet.Folic acid is usually high in various fruits and fresh vegetables, such as lettuce, spinach, tomato, carrot, orange, strawberry, cherry, banana, etc.;Foods, etc.Pay attention to the balanced diet and eat more food rich in folic acid. You do n’t have to worry about your baby who is reported due to lack of folic acid.

It is worth noting that the wrong cooking method will cause folic acid in the food.Therefore, you must wash vegetables before picking vegetables. Do not stir -fry and cook foods such as vegetables for a long time to avoid fried foods. Wash and eat raw vegetables as much as possible.

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