Is it true that there is a low abortion of progesterone?Low progesterone, what should pregnant women do?

Some time ago, a friend was very happy to learn that he was pregnant.Because since marriage, both parents have been urging the young couple to ask for a child, and after a period of hard work, they have finally become pregnant.However, the young couple are also troubled. Last Friday, it was checked that the progesterone index was low and there may be risk of abortion.

So what is progesterone?What effect does progesterone have?After pregnancy, progesterone is low, what should pregnant women do?Let’s take a look today.

What is progesterone?

Performatone is a hormonal, which has the effect of delaying uterine membrane falling off.The development of fertility and embryo has this close relationship with progesterone.Periations can stimulate the uterus during pregnancy, increase the blood supply and uterine blood circulation, and promote embryonic development.

What is the impact of progesterone?

If the progesterone is low after pregnancy, it is likely to cause the fetus to stop developing or slow, or even the risk of miscarriage.If progesterone is low, pregnant women must go to the hospital for examination in time to consult the doctor if they need to supplement progesterone.When pregnant women know that progesterone is low, do not blindly take fetal medicine.Because it is an ectopic pregnancy, it is better to take tire preservation, and pregnant women will be in danger of life.

What value is progesterone?

The standard value of normal women’s progesterone is generally from 0.6 to 1.9nmol/L. When women are close to the ovulation period, the progesterone value will greatly increase, reaching 2.4 to 9.4nmol/L, and up to 20.7 to 102Nmol/L after ovulation.

Betal ketone is low, what should pregnant women do?

Performatone is a hormone secreted by women’s body. It regulates endocrine in women. If progesterone is low, you can pay attention to these problems in your diet.

1. Eat some soybeans.Soy is rich in isoflavones and natural progesterone, which helps to regulate and supplement the problem of insufficient progesterone in women.

2. Eat some fruits rich in pectin and dietary fiber.For example, peaches, strawberries, kiwi, pear and other fruits.

3. Lemon -like fruit with rich vitamins and lemon oil essence and bioflavonoids.

4. Ginger and ginger can promote metabolism and increase appetite.

Pregnant women with low progesterone, remember to go to the hospital for examination, do not blindly listen to the experience of people who come.

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