Is it useful to drink brown sugar ginger water?What should I eat after infection with Xin Guanyang?

Recently, due to the adjustment of relevant policies, the new crown has once again become a hot spot for everyone’s attention and discussion.The new crown infected people around them are also more than before. Everyone cares about what to eat and not suitable for the new crown.

For example, are people often asked if it is useful to drink brown sugar and ginger water after infection with the new crown?Does it help recover from the new crown infection?

Let’s first understand the nutrients of brown sugar ginger water.

Look at brown sugar first.Brown sugar is not refined sugar. It is a rough sugar based on sugarcane as a raw material.White granulated sugar and red sugar are refined sugar and are also honey.

The difference between honey and non -honey is whether there is a sugar -making process called "honey" (condensed sugar cream made by sugarcane or beet, and after precipitating high -purity crystalline sugar, dark brown left has the remaining dark brown.Sweet "Honey").Brown sugar has not been "divided into honey", so the plant components of sugarcane or beet have basically retained.Therefore, in addition to sugar, brown sugar also contains more vitamins and trace elements, and the nutritional components are much higher than white granulated sugar.

Brown sugar is a high -calorie food, which contains about 389 calories per 100 grams (approximately 17%of ordinary adults recommended total calories daily), carbohydrate content 96.6g, protein 0.7g, calcium, potassium magnesium, etc.Minerals, niacin, vitamin B1, etc.

Below is the nutritional composition table of brown sugar:

Look at ginger water.

Ginger water is a soup made of ginger, which contains ginger, gingerone, gingernone and other substances.Ginger and other substances can have a stimulating effect on the oral and gastric mucosa, can promote the secretion of digestive solution, and may increase appetite.The mixture of gingernone and gingerone has the effect of stopping vomiting.In addition, ginger is warm, and ginger water has a certain warmth.

When it comes to the diet of the new crown infected person, we believe that the overall idea is that the diet and the diet of the new crown infection is not too essentially different. It is recommended to consider the symptoms of the infected person.More suitable diet.

After the new crown is infected, the symptoms that may occur are fever, sore throat, vomiting, loss of taste, poor appetite, and so on.

It is generally recommended to eat less or not to eat high sugar food when fever.Because if you take too much sugar during the fever, you may cause abdominal distension, indigestion, etc., and may promote the occurrence of inflammation.And refined sugar may also inhibit the human immune system.

If the throat is sore, drinking ginger water will have a irritating effect on the mouth and throat.If the throat is not sore, there is vomiting or poor appetite, it is good to drink ginger water.

In general, after the new Guanyang is infected, drinking brown sugar ginger water may not play much.It is just that many people will have fever and sweating after the new crown infection. The body is dehydrated. Drink some brown sugar ginger water in appropriate amounts to replenish water.If your appetite is not good, you can also add enough energy.

Finally, I still want to remind everyone that if you can eat normally after the new crown, there is no sore throat, vomiting, etc., you should pay attention to nutritional balance, because the human body’s immunity requires moisture, carbohydrate, protein, fat, vitamins, trace elements and other typesNutrients.The other is to supplement your lack of nutrients according to your own situation.

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