Is the 4 months pregnant as the second trimester?What should mothers pay attention to in the second trimester?

For all pregnant mothers, they almost know that the entire pregnancy is divided into: early pregnancy, second trimester, and third trimester of pregnancy, but how should it be calculated in the three periods?Many pregnant mothers don’t know. Here, I will share with you, "How many months of pregnancy are the middle of pregnancy? What should mothers pay attention to in the middle of pregnancy?" This topic.

Medicine from 0-12 weeks is considered to be early pregnancy, from 13 weeks to 27 weekend is the second trimester, and from 28 weeks to childbirth and third trimester.

By the end of pregnancy, there are four pregnancy months.During this period of time, the fetus has stabilized, and the pregnant mother has spent the most susceptible period of abortion. The hanging heart can be slightly relaxed.

Although the baby has been growing and developing in the second trimester, the mother’s uterus has been expanding, but the fetal volume is not large. For pregnant women, it is not only inconvenient to get rid of the early pregnancy vomiting.It is a time to be easier during the whole pregnancy.During this time, pregnant mothers can arrange some short -term travel appropriately, but pay attention to rest and must not be exhausted.

In the middle of pregnancy, the fetus is relatively safe. The prospective father and mother can also choose to have some sexual life appropriately during this period, but remember to move a gentle movement, and avoid pressing the pregnant belly.

In the second trimester, the sleeping posture of pregnant mothers must be slightly adjusted.In the early 3 months of pregnancy, pregnant mothers sleep, and how comfortable they sleep.However, the mothers in the middle of pregnancy are gradually moving on the left side. For the health of the pregnant mother and the fetus, I believe that the pregnant mother will pay attention.

In the second trimester, due to the rapid growth and development of the fetus, pregnant mothers must also supplement sufficient nutrition to maintain their health and supply baby babies.Pregnant mothers can also be carried out according to the pyramid supplemented by a balanced dietary nutrition. Grain is generally 6 to 11 copies, 3 to 5 copies of vegetables and fruits, 2 to 3 copies of protein such as milk, dairy products, and meat.It is appropriate to increase weight by 0.3–0.5 kg per week in the second trimester.

The most important thing is that there will be very important inspections in the second trimester, such as NT, Tang Si, Four -dimensional, and sugar -resistant inspection items. Pregnant mothers must remember to check on time on time.Wish good pregnancy!

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