Is the anal itching disease?What should I do when I get sick?

Generally speaking, itching in a certain part of the body is already a troubled thing, especially in certain privacy parts, which is even more embarrassing.For example, itching of anal itching can bring great trouble.General local itching, catching, scratching … it seems to be relieved.But what should I do?Is the anal itching, is it sick?Let’s take a look at the basic clinical manifestations of itching in the anus.Generally speaking, it is mainly itchy skin around the anus.This itching may be lighter or more serious, or sometimes it is tingling or burning sensation. Sometimes it is like an ants and ants, sometimes like mosquito bites, fire grilled, and sometimes itching.Severe, disturbing people.

The anus is the exit of our excretion.It is not as lucky as its mouth.Not only do it have to do the dirty and tired job, but the owner has not well maintained it well.Therefore, it is very fragile, and it always seems to have problems that make people unbearable, such as itching, eczema, humidity, long anus, anal fissure, etc.

Cognitive misunderstanding

Many patients believe that this is caused by the cleaning of the anus, so they often change underwear and often wash the anus (X) hot water.In severe cases, they will be washed (X) with hot water, but it can only stop itching temporarily, and itching will continue.Some patients often go to the pharmacy to use various application drugs (X), but still do not work.In fact, itching of anal itching is not only caused by perianal cleaning, but also many diseases can also cause anal itching.


What causes anal itching?

Anorectal disease:

Such as anal fissure, anal fistula, hemorrhoids, anal sinusitis, rectal mucosa prolapse, anal incontinence, etc., will increase the secretions in the anus, humidity can stimulate the skin and cause itching.

parasitic disease:

Such as tapeworm, vaginal trichomonas, molten worms, etc. can cause itching in the anus.

Anal skin disease:

Such as anal eczema, neurodermatitis, ringworm, various warts, sexually transmitted diseases, etc., the stool is attached to the anus folds, stimulating the skin and causing itching.

Allergic reaction:

Some people have itching anal because of drinking, eating chili, mustard, spices and other irritating foods.Or allergies to seafood eggs.

Psychological factors:

Neurasthenia, 精 disease, too nervous, excitement, excitement, etc. can cause dysfunction of the nervous system, and may also induce or cause itching. This itching may spread throughout the body, anal and perineum.


What to do when anal itching?

Do not scratch

Do not scratch your hands. Once scratching, you may cause infection and aggravate the condition.Control diet

At this time, you cannot eat spicy food, and you should stay away from strong tea, coffee and spiritual wine.Don’t use the medicine

Because anal disease is embarrassing, many people are reluctant to go to the hospital for examination and go to the pharmacy to buy medicine or ointment.In fact, this is inappropriate.If the disease is delayed for a long time, the disease may deteriorate.It is still recommended to go to the hospital to find the cause and take symptomatic treatment.Keep anal clean

Keep the skin around the anus, often replace underwear, avoid sitting for a long time, and use Chinese medicine or warm water to take a bath appropriately, which can sterilize and anti -inflammatory.


How to get rid of anal itching

As we all know, there are many reasons for itching in anal itching.This requires patients to perform anal rectal examination before treatment to determine the cause and then targeted treatment.

Kind tips:

Do not blindly use hormone drugs when youch itching.Hormone drugs will take effect at the time, but the situation will become worse.Itching of anal itching is not only a local problem, but also a problem related to physical and mental.Therefore, it is necessary to treat and take care as soon as possible to ensure rapid recovery from the disease.

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