Is the aunt "missing" pregnancy?These 5 symptoms may be earlier than it!

If you think that only "aunt" does not come, it is a sign of early pregnancy

Then you are wrong

If you have the following symptoms


… …

I think this month, your aunt won’t come!

If you have read carefully, a secret diary:

"Pre -pregnancy, HOT told you the secrets that have to be known", then you will not be unfamiliar with the "basic body temperature measurement".

If your basal body temperature lasts 16 or even more than 21 days, and at the 7-10 days of the base high temperature, it suddenly rises by 0.2-0.5 on the basis of high temperature (for example: If you have an average before youThe basic high temperature is 36.7, and the sudden high temperature rose to 37.0 on the 7th-10th day) Congratulations, you may be pregnant!

Because if you have a successful pregnancy, then the 7-10 days after your ovulation day is, that is, the "fertilized egg" in your body in the day of your uterus, and after bed, your basal body temperature will last another oneStep!

So when your basal body temperature is about 7-10 days after your ovulation day, so that the basic body temperature of the high temperature area, suddenly a step (0.2-0.5)The average base is high (excluding the possibility of fever), so congratulations, you are likely to be a mother!

If you pay attention enough, you will also find another small secret of your body at this time:

That is, the 7-10th day after your ovulation day, your left or right abdomen will have a kind of needle-like feeling. You will not hurt, but you will have a slight tingling sensation.It was the feeling of fertilized eggs in bed.(Some will also have blood with blood)

So when you are 7-10 days after the ovulation day, there is a tingling sensation like a micro-needle (excluding the possibility of cramps) on the left or right side of your abdomen, then when the fertilized egg is bed, the body gives your body, and your body gives your body.The signal you sent!

How do you know what day your ovulation day is?The hot mother has a detailed explanation in the previous secret diary:

"Prepare pregnancy, HOT told you the secrets you have to know"

All girls know that on the eve of the aunt, your lower abdomen will have a tenderness, but not every small abdomen bloating and pain will usher in your aunt!

What does that mean?

In fact, every time our girls come to menstruation, there will be a pain or pain in the lower abdomen."And" thickening ".Every time we come to menstruation, our endometrium will become thinner with the discharge of blood; and before the menstruation is over until the next menstruation comes, our endometrium will begin to thickened a little.And when it is thickened to the end, it will make our lower abdomen slightly painful or uncomfortable.That’s right, it is the culprit that makes you dysmenorrhea!

So when many girls have this feeling, they know that the aunt is coming again in the past two days.Some girls who are preparing for pregnancy will also be lost at this time …

But not, in fact, you still have this feeling in the early stage of pregnancy, and it may be stronger than ever!


Because the thickening of the endometrium was born under the stimulation of estrogen.The "sex hormone" of our girls has six items, namely follicle -generated hormones (FSH), luteal generic hormone (LH), estradiol (E2), progesterone (P), testosterone (T), prolactin (PRL PRL), But there are only two "carrying the handle", which is "estradiol (commonly known as estrogen)" and "progesterone (commonly known as progesterone)".In other words, in fact, our body every month is a contest between progesterone and estrogen.When estrogen wins (that is, we are not pregnant), then your aunt will come to see you this month; but if progesterone is victorious (you are pregnant), then your aunt will go out to "travel around the world"After 10 months, I have no time to see you.

And in the process of competing with your estrogen and your progesterone, your endometrium is also busy thickening.But no matter who they are victory, the endometrium is struggling, but in the end, it finds that there is a "fertilized egg" small drama in your body, it knows: "Oh ~~~ Then I can’t get thinner!"Because it will be a "copper wall iron wall" that protects your baby.

Therefore, in the ten days when you just conceived, your uterine endometrium is still diligent and thickened as before, but the difference is that if you have menstruation, then she will become thinner.It will be thickened to your body and tells it: "Enough, brother, your thickness is enough to protect your baby, thank you! You can rest!" It will stop.

Therefore, when your lower abdomen still has pain, don’t be discouraged, because that is not necessarily coming to aunt, or you may be pregnant and you don’t know yourself!

For more than ten or even twenty days after you conceive, you will have a "false cold" symptom.But this cold and peaceful colds are not the same.You will have symptoms such as nasal congestion, runny nose (especially when you get up in the morning), but you will not cough, sore throat or fever.This is the symptom of "pseudo -cold" caused by hormone changes in early pregnancy.

There are many girls around HOT Mom who thought they were going to have a cold at this time, and immediately went to take a cold medicine, but finally found that she was pregnant, and began to worry about whether the baby would be malformed;The baby flowed directly because of a cold medicine.

So remember!IntersectionIntersectionCold symptoms at the beginning of pregnancy, but that is not really a cold. You do n’t have to control it. The symptoms will disappear for a week.So at this time, don’t take medicine!HOT Mom reminds you: Once you start preparing for pregnancy, don’t take medicine anymore!Especially cold medicine!Cold medicine is a drug that seriously affects your baby’s health or causes malformations or even directly harm your baby’s life!All drugs must be used under the advice of the doctor, and you must not use it without authorization!

If you are usually energetic, your physical strength will become extremely poor, such as:

If you walk a few grits, you will be tired;

You want to rest for a while, you want to rest;

I can’t sleep in the morning, I can’t afford it …

So it is very likely that you are pregnant

Therefore, it is not only time to make you feel physical strength. In fact, you will feel tired at once after fertilizing eggs, and it is obvious.If you feel this, you have to be alert if you are pregnant!

This is a "event" that everyone knows.So I put it at the end, because all the symptoms I mentioned above will happen before you discovered that "aunt" did not come.

So when you have the above symptoms, plus this "aunt disappears", then the hot mother can tell you with certainty, you must be pregnant!Hurry up and get a pregnancy test stick to check it out!

(HOT Mom had discovered that she was pregnant through the above symptoms before the time when she came. Isn’t it very good? Hahaha, I believe you can be so powerful after reading this article!)

Starting from preparing for pregnancy or infertility, you must start to care about your body in real time and not take medicine; remember your physiological period, so that you should do things that make yourself regret your life before discovering that your aunt has not come!

HOT Mom first wishes you a good child early!

More "Small Secrets of Spicy Mom" can follow "HOT Mom’s Secret Diary" to view!

Let’s see the next issue!

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