Is the aunt bitter bleeding before and after?Don’t worry first, there are these possibilities

Menstruation is the "good friend" of every woman.

Some time ago, a mother asked me that every time I came to my aunt, I would have a bit of bleeding. I went to the Internet to check everything, and some even said that it was a sign of cervical cancer, which scared her.

What exactly is going on?Is it really a sign of a certain cancer?

Women who have bleeds bleeding before and after menstruation are the main manifestations of a few days before or after the menstrual tide, and a few days after the tide, and a small amount of vaginal bleeding.

There are actually many reasons for this situation, for example: ovulation abnormal uterine bleeding

This is the main cause of bleeding before and after menstruation: due to the lack of luteal function after ovulation, the endometrium secretion response is not good, which causes irregular bleeding before the menstrual period.Because the luteal atrophy is incomplete, the endometrium continues the effect of the endometrium, which cannot be completely shed.Uterine glands

This is a symptom of uterine muscles in the ectopic endometrium, which leads to a disease that causes lesions in the shape of the uterine shape and function.Due to the increase in the volume of the uterus, the area of the endometrium will also increase, and changes between the wall of the uterine muscle will affect the contraction of the uterine muscle group fiber.For symptoms such as extension, some patients may also cause bleeding before and after menstruation.

Endometrius polyps

This is a common gynecological disease. The specific cause is unknown. At presentThe root of different lengths is benign.However, it can cause discomfort in the occurrence of menstrual volume or extension of menstrual period, bleeding before and after menstruation, and incomplete menstrual blood.Uterine fibroid

It is the most common benign tumor in women, mainly due to the proliferation and connective tissue of the smooth muscle cells of the uterine muscle layer.It can cause menstrual changes, such as excessive menstrual flow, prolonged menstrual period, bleeding before and after menstruation.

Uterine divertica

The uterine diverticulum refers to a small separation in the uterus, just like a small pit appears in the uterus, which is very easy to cause water in the uterus and affect the normal menstruation of women.If it is a normal uterus, the menstrual blood flow is very smooth and smooth, but because of the existence of this "small pit", some menstrual blood will be reserved, causing women’s menstrual bleeding, dripping, extended cycle, etc.symptom.This small separation will even seriously affect the life of husband and wife, leading to symptoms of bleeding afterwards.Place

It is what we usually call the "upper ring" that to prevent the fertilized eggs from bed in the uterine cavity.There are many benefits of the birth ring: first of all, it does not affect the life of husband and wife, and secondly, it can also be used during breastfeeding, which will not affect normal breastfeeding.If women have fertility requirements, they can take the ring directly, and they can immediately start preparing to get pregnant.But it also has a disadvantage that there will be adverse reactions such as irregular vaginal bleeding, bleeding bleeding before and after menstruation, and soreness of the waist and abdomen.Pregnant

If a woman who lives a husband and wife life, it is necessary to consider whether it is caused by pregnancy bleeding, such as: female embryos in bed in bed can cause bleeding, and ectopic pregnancy or abortion will cause bleeding before and after menstruation.Irregular menstruation

If you continue to bleed in the first four days of menstruation, it is likely that the menstruation is advanced, but the amount of menstrual blood is too small.Generally, the normal amount of menstruation is 50 to 80 ml. If the menstrual flow is less than 30 ml, or even a drop is clean, then it is less of the menstrual passage.It is recommended to intervene in time for this situation.

What should I do if I have bleeding before and after menstruation?

When the above situation is occurred, it is best to go to the hospital as soon as possible and go through professional diagnosis (such as the gynecological examination of the uterine ovarian ultrasound, six sex hormones, vaginal/abdominal ultrasound, pelvic ultrasound, and hysteroscopic examination when necessary).Symptomatic treatment.

It is best to arrange 3-7 days after menstruation, because at this time the endometrium is thin, it is easier to find polyps.

Women should also pay attention to developing a good law of daily life and healthy eating habits. Do not stay up late, greedy, overeating, etc., maintain emotional stability, and better care for their bodies.

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