Is the drug flow good or the abortion?Teach you to make a decision yourself!

Gynecological clinics or family planning outpatients, most female friends who are planning to be aborted will ask the doctor a word: Doctors, good drug flow or abortion?You can help me choose one, I trust you!

If in the film and television drama, the author still remembers that the classic bridge is like this. Doctors will be able to persuade female friends to do painless abortion techniques!Is this an ads implanted by a hospital that can only be aborted in painless abortion. Just urgent to persuade female friends to have a miscarriage?

However, in the most formal hospital, I believe that gynecologists will not be as friendly as I am as friendly to female friends: As long as there is an abortion, there will be more or less risks to the body or uterus.It is recommended that you want it, don’t try the damage of miscarriage easily.

Of course, there are a lot of helplessness in life. Doctors just make the diagnosis of early pregnancy from the health of female friends, experience after menstruation, ultrasound results, and other necessary examinations. There is no contraindication of continuing pregnancy.Beauty and suggestions for pregnancy.However, for female friends, there are economic factors, the emotional factors of both parties, and the weighing and consideration of the current work factors, as well as the medicine during early pregnancy and doing X -ray fillets.The test of miscarriage, because of fear that the child is not good, will also choose a miscarriage.

The indications of abortion are more broadly, because contraceptive failures or are unwilling to pregnancy and within 10 weeks of pregnancy, and have no taboos for pregnancy; pregnant women should not continue to pregnancy due to certain diseases;Diseases, etc.

Contraindications of abortion: acute stages of various diseases; reproductive organs, such as vaginitis, acute or subacute cervicitis, pelvic inflammatory disease, and sexually transmitted diseases.Severe anemia, heart failure, hypertension are accompanied by conscious symptoms, etc. After the treatment is improved, surgery can be performed; pregnancy drama spitting, acid poisoning has not been corrected; two body temperature interval between two times before surgery is above 37.5 ° C, and surgery is suspended.

In addition to the ages of 18 to 40 years old who are voluntarily required to use drug abortion; especially for high -risk objects for surgical abortion: such as reproductive tract deformities (except the residual horn uterus), severe uterine malformations cannot be inflated; cervical development is not completeOr toughness cannot explore the uterine cavity; the uterus is excessive and backward; postpartum breastfeeding pregnancy; multiple abortion or multiple curettage history; those with scars on the palace body; those with concerns or fear of surgical abortion.

There are more contraindications: for example, the contraindications of Mephone ketone include adrenal diseases, diabetes and other endocrine diseases; abnormal liver and kidney function; there is a history of skin itching during pregnancy; bloodHistory of disease and vascular embolism.

; Smoking more than 10 drinks or alcoholism every day; people who cannot see the followers in time.

Finally, combining your own gestational week to eliminate taboos, if you can be both abortion or medicine flow, the simplest and rude way is to read and consider the risks of the risks of people and the flow of drug flow after deciding by yourself.

Flowing is a method of safety, high success rate, simple method, and economy to terminate early pregnancy, and has the advantages of less bleeding, short bleeding days, and short abortion.It is more painful (except painless abortion) during surgery and complications such as artificial abortion syndrome, uterine perforation and cervical laceration and adhesion, secondary infertility and other complications.

The characteristics of drug abortion are relatively slow pharmaceutical effects, relatively mild damage to the endometrium. It takes 3 days to take medicine. The drugs have the advantages of less damage, light pain, no need for surgery, and small mental burden.The rate is only about 90%(about 10%requires secondary clearance). The abortion process is long, the amount of bleeding after abortion has not been resolved, and the danger of potential bleeding is potential.Gulfic adhesion, secondary infertility, etc.

Written so much, it is inevitable that some people will mistakenly think that the author will advertise for abortion by some people.Therefore, the author says two more words: abortion is risky, and it is done and considered!Each embryo has the right to develop into a fetus and be born into this world. I hope that men and women who do not intend to want their children for the time being, but do good things, do n’t ask the future!Do a good job of contraception and stay away from miscarriage!

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