Is the early pregnancy test paper deeper and one shallow, is it pregnant?

The use of early pregnancy test strips to detect whether pregnancy is not unfamiliar to many women, but there are still some people who affect the test results because they are not familiar with the detection method of early pregnancy test strips, and even cause a false surprise.Generally speaking, the two obvious red lines indicate that the test is positive, which means that it is pregnant. If there is only one red line, it means that the HCG is negative and indicates that there is no pregnancy.If the early pregnancy test paper is deeper and shallow, it is because it is not long after pregnancy, but it is not sure that the early pregnancy test strip must be pregnant.Because there are still many factors that lead to test strips, there are many factors that show one deep and one shallow red line, so pregnant women also need to determine according to their specific circumstances.

There are three common factors that may affect the test results, and there is a shallow situation:

1. Early pregnancy testing prematurely

Generally speaking, early pregnancy test strips should be successfully tested 3 days after women’s menopause. However, because most women who have discontinued for the first time are afraid of unexpected pregnancy, they can be tested within 1 to 2 days of menopause.If you are accurate or shallow, it is recommended to test it again the next day or wait for menstruation.

2. Urine concentration is too low

Early pregnancy test strips should be tested as much as possible in the morning, because the hormone level at this time is the easiest to detect.If there is indeed no urine in the morning or excessive drinking water at night, then at least four hours of urine can be used to detect it.Otherwise, it is easy to cause the deeper and shallow of pregnancy test paper.

3. Pharmaceutical or disease effects

Because the main hormone HCG of pregnancy testing will not only increase the level after accidental pregnancy, but also increase due to certain diseases, such as ovarian tumors, uterine cancer, gastric cancer, liver cancer, etc.After menopause, it is best to go to a professional hospital to confirm it again after a depth.If it is because of the disease and is not pregnant, it is shallow, then it must be treated in time.

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