Is the fertility good?As soon as you explore the menstrual, you know, and do this if you promote pregnancy!

As we all know, women’s menstruation not only associates the health of women, but also is related to whether women can quickly have a key bid for Huai Huai. Therefore, many women also use menstrual periods as a "vane".In fact, you can know as long as you explore menstruation.Let ’s take a look at it.

1. The age of women’s initial tide

Each girl enters adolescence in her teens, and at this time our menstruation will follow.In normal circumstances, most of the girl’s initial trendy age is about 13 years old, but the situation of each person is different. As long as the age of 12-15 is a normal situation.

If the initial tide is less than 11 years old and the pubic hair appears early at the age of 8 or 9, the probability of being willing to be a polycystic ovary is more likely.However, if there is no initial tide menstruation over the age of 16, it means that your ovarian uterus is not developed and you need to treat it.

2. Women’s physiological cycle duration

If there is a regular menstrual period, most physiological cycles are about 28 days, and the cycle time is normal at 21-35 days.If your menstrual cycle is less than 21 days and sometimes accompanied by luteal dysfunction, it may be premature luteal decline, but if the menstrual cycle exceeds 35 days, it may be caused by the egg failure or no high -quality eggs.

3. The tide of a woman

Under normal circumstances, the length of menstruation is about 3-7 days. If the menstruation time is less than 3 days, it is likely that the lack of estrogen in the body, or the endometrial endometrium is shortened.However, if the menstrual period is more than 7 days, it is necessary to consider whether it is a problem of gynecological diseases and need to be treated in time.

4. Women’s menstrual flow

The amount of menstruation is actually the number of menstruation when we come to menstruation. The normal menstrual flow is between 30-100ml, which is conducive to conception.At this time, the endometrium of the uterine is generally more than 8 mm. Once the endometrium is less than 6 mm, it is difficult to get pregnant. The fertilized eggs cannot go to bed smoothly.But if it is greater than 19 mm, it may be caused by the thickening of the endometrium, which is difficult to conceive.

In short, when you find that your menstruation is normal, it means that your fertility is very good, don’t worry.If your menstruation is abnormal, and the amount of small amount or cycle is unstable, then you must consider the medical treatment.

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