Is the husband and wife really affectionate? Look at the three places at home, at a glance

At the beginning of love, everyone yearn for a happy and successful marriage.

However, under the disappearance of the years, some people have become the happiness of everyone’s envy, but some people struggle hard in the torment.

Marriage is like drinking water, knowing warmth.

Whether the two are happy, the details will not lie, and the three places in the family will not lie.

Is a couple really love? Just look at the three places at home, and you can see it at a glance!

The kitchen, hiding the temperature of marriage

Writer Chen Daqian wrote in "But a Bowl of Human Fireworks":

Life is alive, nothing more than the word "eating and drinking", chewing life with taste and taste, and living the life is lively and fragrant. Often, it is not only the mouth, but also a heart that is soaked in the fireworks.

The bland and trivial marriage life is inseparable from the rice oil and salt, nor the fireworks.

A good marriage does not necessarily have to be vigorous. Three meals a day in the bland life are also gentle enough.

The kitchen with fireworks is hidden in the most daily happiness of a home.

Source: panoramic vision

There is a question on the Internet: "How to solve the problem of husband and wife who cooks?"

A user@有 了 Share his own story.

He said that as long as he really loves each other, he is thinking about the other person, which will not be a topic that needs to be discussed.

When he was just married, he and his wife would not cook, and he started to learn to cook first.

At the beginning, he did not do well, but his wife said nothing, but just struggled with him.

Later, his cooking skills became better and busy with work.

His wife gave birth to two children, and went home to make a full -time wife, and also learned to cook.

Now he doesn’t want to cook, but his wife disagrees.

Because in his wife’s view, the biggest happiness one day is to make a table delicious, and then watch him and the two children eat it.

Sometimes, he and his son will help his wife to wash or wash dishes, and his wife sometimes accepts it, and sometimes pushes them out.

But most of the time was pushing his son, his wife cooks, and he played.

This is the time they rarely carry their children now. There is a feeling of two people avoided the crowd when they were in love …

Picture source: Zhihu

The kitchen is the cultivation field of marriage. The temperature of the kitchen is the temperature of marriage.

The kitchen is deserted, and the marriage will not be too happy; the kitchen is hot, and the marriage is probably a warm and harmonious picture.

Some people say that marriage has gone through the romance of wind and snow, and it has reached the reality of chai oil and salt.

But the warmth of Chai rice oil and salt, the fireworks of porridge and one meal, isn’t it a kind of happiness?

Fireworks in the world, caressing the most.

Perhaps everyone’s marriage will eventually end in romance and be plain.

But please believe that those marriages that are infiltrated with fireworks can stand the years and can stand the changes of the years.

The bedroom, the attitude of marriage

I have heard a word:

"The quality of communication between husbands and wives directly determines the quality of marriage. If there is no communication, the relationship between husband and wife will slowly and alienate."

For the two people in marriage, the bedroom is not only a place to sleep, but also the best place for communication.

Before going to bed, share each other’s interesting things and talk about it, even if it is only an unrelated "nonsense", it can resolve the fatigue and running of the day.

The bedroom witnesses each other’s feelings, and also hides the attitude of each other to marriage.

Every time I relive the TV series "The World", it will always be moved by the love of Zhou’s father and Zhou.

They rarely love between them, but their love for each other is reflected in every bit of daily life.

On one occasion, Dad Zhou rushed back from a foreign country. In the face of a long -not -seeing wife, Zhou’s mother was very happy.

Before going to bed, Zhou Mom excitedly chatted with Zhou Da:

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