Is the normal body temperature 37 ° C or 36.5 ° C?Standard body temperature is declining, how much is a fever?

When you feel dizzy, fatigue, and fever, will you wonder if you have a fever?Take out the temperature meter and only test it at 36.7 ° C.After a few hours, measure it again, showing that 37 ° C, there is no problem.But in the evening, the body temperature reached 37.2 ° C.At this time, many people started to be confused.Since the emergence of the epidemic, fever can be regarded as a major event.His body temperature is constantly rising. Is it a fever?

Why do you measure body temperature three times a day, each temperature is different?How many degrees of body temperature, even if it has a fever?

What is the normal body temperature of the human body?

In the past, people have always believed that the standard body temperature of the human body is 37 ° C.The humans are constant temperature animals. Through the control of the center temperature adjustment center, they can always maintain relatively stable body temperature and adapt to the complex environment around them.According to common sense, human temperature should be relatively constant, and the standard temperature should be around 37 ° C.

However, many studies have found that human standard body temperature is gradually declining.

Stanford University in the United States conducted further research on human temperature.The results of the research show that the average body temperature of adults is constantly declining, and it shows about a decline every 10 years, a range of 0.03 ° C.Since the nineteenth century, the standard body temperature of human beings has continued to decline, from the beginning of 37 ° C to 36.6 ° C, which has undergone great changes.

And BMJ also published a study. After studying 35,000 adults, it was found that people’s mouth temperature was about 36.6 ° C.Combined with the results of these studies, it can be seen that the standard body temperature of the human body does have a general decline.

Human body temperature is not absolutely unchanged, but is relatively constant

Many people have found that they measured their body temperature at different times or different states, and the numbers they get are different.This is actually a manifestation of the temperature of the human body.

There are many factors affecting the body temperature of the human body, and the decline in standard body temperature is one of the changes.In addition, in different times, in different environments, gender, age, mental state, and even different postures may affect the body temperature obtained by people.

For example, measuring body temperature after getting up in the morning is generally lower than the body temperature measured in the afternoon.The average body temperature in the afternoon should generally rise by about 0.5 ° C.Before going to bed at night, the temperature will gradually decrease, reaching a lowest valley at 2 am to 6 am.

Adult women’s body temperature is generally higher than men, about 0.3 ° C, but in different physiological periods of women, body temperature will continue to fluctuate.During ovulation and pregnancy, the body temperature will rise about 0.5 ° C, and the average body temperature will fall again during menstruation.

Compared to infants and young children, the temperature of the elderly will be relatively low, which is also affected by metabolism in the human body.

In general, people’s standard body temperature has gradually changed, and the average body temperature has dropped to about 36.5 ° C.However, it is still accustomed to using 37 ° C as a standard body temperature.

How much does the body temperature reaches a fever?

According to the different parts of the measurement temperature, the scope of fever is different.The axillary temperature during the common temperature measurement should be the standard range of 36 ° C to 37 ° C, and it can be regarded as fever when it reaches 37.5 ° C.The oral temperature is generally about 0.2 ° C higher than the axillary temperature.The measurement of the oral cavity reached 37.7 ° C, even if it was a fever.

Of course, whether fever is not absolutely related.For example, when the base temperature is relatively low and the body temperature increases too much, it may bring some symptoms of fever. The most typical is whether there are abnormal fever symptoms.

For example, some people have dizziness, headache, and feel hot, but the body temperature is only 37 ° C. In this case, the standard body temperature is not suitable for everyone.When judging whether it is fever, it should still be judged by everyone’s basic body temperature.

How to measure body temperature to get relatively accurate results?

In order to better grasp their physical condition, many people will measure their body temperature when they are uncomfortable, but how can they know that their temperature is right?

First, it is important to use the thermometer.Generally speaking, we use mercury thermometers to measure the temperature of the armpit.During the measurement, keep the armpits dry, and use the axillary to clamp the thermometer to measure the thermometer at least 3 minutes to take it out. It is better to reach about 5 minutes.

After removing the thermometer, the level is placed at the sight and the readings are performed.When the temperature exceeds 37.2 ° C, it is likely to be in a state of fever. People can choose whether to take medicine to cool down according to their actual situation.Generally speaking, a slight increase in body temperature can be improved by drinking plenty of water and rest. The body temperature control center of the human body will quickly respond to regulate the body temperature.

If the temperature is not reduced after a period of time, you must consider whether there are diseases such as inflammation, infection.Under the guidance of a doctor, through some necessary drugs to relieve the symptoms of fever as soon as possible and regulate the body temperature.You know, continuous fever can also make the human body face certain risks. High fever will threaten brain nerves and easily induce other diseases.

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