Is the sour girl real?Which of the pregnant women should avoid?

Is there a scientific basis for "sour girl"?

Many people think that pregnant women like spicy food and are easy to give birth to their daughters. Actually?Is this really the case?Liu Depei, chief physician of the obstetrics and gynecology department of Nanjing Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine Hospital, said that there is no scientific basis for "sour girls".From a medical perspective, if the appetite of pregnant women decreases, it will indeed be more sensitive to sour or spicy things. It is a normal pregnancy reaction that is differentiated by individuals.

In addition, the taste of pregnant women is also related to the dietary habits of different regions and different families. For example, some pregnant women in the northern region like spicy food, and some pregnant women in the southern region like to eat sweetness.

Should pregnant women not avoid

Can pregnant women eat hot pot during pregnancy?Liu Depe reminded that the following six types of diet are taboos, and women should pay attention during pregnancy.

Avoid greedy spicy

Liu Depei said that pregnant women can eat hot pot, but pay attention to eating less spicy stimulus and short heating hot pot.Eating more spicy hot pot may induce hot knot constipation.Some people eat hot pot in order to ensure fresh tenderness and like to hear the ingredients for a long time.However, short -term heating does not kill other parasites such as the Toxoplasma Worms of these foods, and its larvae can pass through the intestinal wall to spread to the whole body with the blood.Therefore, do not greedy hot pot during pregnancy.

Avoid greedy cold diet

Wang Junlan, deputy director of traditional Chinese medicine and gynecology of traditional Chinese and Western Medicine Hospital of Nanjing Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine, said that pregnant women eat more cold drinks, which can easily cause loss of appetite, indigestion, diarrhea, and even stomach cramps.Very sensitive, restlessness, and frequent fetal movements.In addition, greedy -raw cold foods may cause body yang deficiency over time, which has a great impact on pregnant women’s body.

Avoid eating more salty food

If the alkali content of salt in food is too much, it will increase the burden on pregnant women’s kidneys, cause increased blood pressure, edema and other pregnancy hypertension syndrome, especially in the middle and late stages of pregnancy.Use a salt -free meal.

Avoid blindly consumption of warm supplement ingredients

Wang Junlan said that from the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, longan, ginseng, ginseng are sweet and warm, some pregnant women originally had yin deficiency and yang, and eating longan is undoubtedly refueling on fire.Red, causing threatened abortion; ginseng must also take appropriate amounts under the guidance of a doctor.

Avoid eating too finely

Pregnant women should eat more coarse -processed foods, because coarse -processed foods contain various trace elements (chromium, manganese, zinc, etc.) and vitamin B6, etc.If pregnant women eat fine rice and sperm, they are susceptible to nutritional deficiency.

Avoid drinking more tea, especially strong tea

Tea contains 2%to 5%caffeine. Too much caffeine can stimulate the increase in fetal movement and even harm the growth and development of the fetus.Tea also contains a large amount of tannic acid. Tannic acid can be combined with iron elements to form a complex that cannot be absorbed by the body, which may cause anemia for pregnant women and is not conducive to fetal growth.Therefore, it is best not to drink strong tea for pregnant women. If pregnant women like to drink tea, it is advisable to drink a small amount of light tea.

Source: China Traditional Chinese Medicine Newspaper

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