Is the stomach of pregnant mothers hardening after pregnancy?Listen to what the doctor says

After pregnancy, my mother will always pay attention to her physical condition, for fear of any loss of the fetus.In the middle and late pregnancy, some mothers will find how their stomachs have hardened and does it affect the fetus?In fact, don’t worry too much about your mother. The hard stomach may be related to the following reasons.


In the middle and late stages of pregnancy, as the fetus continues to develop, the mother’s uterus will gradually be expanded, which will cause compression to the mother’s stomach and affect the digestive system of the body. Some mothers will have symptoms of constipation.The food residue stays in the mother’s stomach, and the stomach will feel a little hard.Therefore, mothers should pay more attention to diet during pregnancy, eat less spicy food, and drink plenty of water to reduce the symptoms of constipation.In addition, mothers also need to exercise more, which can also alleviate constipation.


Due to physical reasons, some mothers have eaten a lot of supplements during pregnancy, but the fat grows to other places, but the fat accumulation on the belly is very small, which may cause the stomach to be harder.Other mothers are thinner before pregnancy, and they are not fat. The fetal development gradually becomes larger, her belly is wide, and her belly will become firm and hard.

Fake contraction

In the third trimester, some mothers feel that the stomach is tight and there is no pain, but she feels that the uterus is slowly contraction. This situation may be fake contraction, mostly caused by the mother’s long -term posture.This contraction occasionally appears, there is no regularity, and the last time is very short, so the mother does not have to worry too much, but if the mother feels abdominal pain during the contraction, the fetus is not enough, it may be a precursor of miscarriage. MomGo to the hospital quickly.The phenomenon of fake contraction before the birth will gradually become frequent, and the mother must distinguish between the difference between fake contractions and contractions.


Before giving birth, if the mother feels that the shrinkage of the uterus gradually becomes stronger and has a feeling of falling, the belly is also tight hair, the duration is about one minute, and the contraction stops for a period of time., Mom should go to the hospital quickly to avoid danger.During childbirth, uterine contraction is also an important indicator, because it is related to changes in fetal heart rate, and the condition of uterine contraction will largely affect delivery.

There are many reasons for my mother’s stomach. Some mothers have always been harder. This situation is not a big deal to the body of the mother and the fetus.Because this may be a signal that the baby is about to be born.

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