Is there a "baby" in the female belly?If there are 6 signs, congratulations, you may be pregnant

For pregnancy, sometimes it is necessary to pay attention to "the time and place of the time". Some couples actively prepare for pregnancy, do a lot of work, and finally "one empty"; some couples various contraceptive measures, as a result, a small negligence, one, oneLittle life is coming.Therefore, pregnancy is not a simple matter. It is not just a combination of sperm and eggs in film and television dramas. It is closely related to the physical condition of the couple and the degree of health.

Then, if a woman wants to know if there is a baby in their stomach, in addition to the pregnancy test test, there are still some signs of pregnancy in the early stages of pregnancy.There are 6 reactions in the following women, which may imply that they are already expectant mothers. Let’s take a look together!

1. Vaginal bleeding and abdominal colic

If a woman is pregnant with a baby, the fertilized eggs must go to the uterus because of the bed, which may cause vaginal bleeding and abdominal colic, which is commonly known as bed bleeding. So what is vaginal bleeding?Potal bleeding in the vagina refers to the irregular vaginal hemorrhage, and there are not many. The color may be pink and bright red.In addition, there may also be different secretions from usual, which may be related to the thickening of the vaginal wall. These secretions are usually harmless to health, but if there is a odor, it is best to go to the hospital for relevant examinations and may be infected.

2. Breast pain

When women are pregnant, the changes in hormones will make women’s chests sensitive and swollen. There may be pain when they touch, and the color of the areola will also become darker. Don’t worry too much at this time. Generally, the female body of the woman after a period of pregnancy is usually entered.After adapting to these hormones, these symptoms will be reduced.

3. Tired, dizziness

After pregnancy, the luteal ketone concentration in women will feel tired after the increase in luteum concentration, and women will feel dizzy. If women have intimate behavior in recent times, and then there is a continuous tired state, then they must be highly doubtful whether it is highly doubt whether it is whetherpregnant.This feeling of fatigue is generally reduced in the middle of pregnancy, but it will still appear in the later period, because at this time, the burden of women will increase, and the body will remind women to be more careful and pay more attention to rest.

4. Nausea and vomiting

For a period of time after pregnancy, some expectant mothers will have nausea and vomiting, which is commonly known as pregnancy vomiting. Of course, not all pregnant women will appear, but some women are more sensitive and are likely to be in the earlier time of pregnancy.Pregnancy.Many women think that pregnancy will happen in the morning. This is a wrong concept, and pregnancy vomiting may appear at any time.

5. Great appetite or anorexia

Many pregnant women will go through this period. If it is not eaten too much, it is to resist diet. Although there is no precise statement about this phenomenon, it can be determined that this is caused by changes in hormones after pregnancy. Each pregnant woman happened.The duration of dietary changes is also different. If women do not know the reason, they suddenly like to eat some kind of food or particularly disgust, and have intimate behavior before, it may be pregnant.

6. Emotional instability

This situation not only feels women. In fact, male partners also have a lot of experience. In a period of pregnancy, women’s temper will become larger. Silent women who may be silent will suddenly become irritable women. Of course, of course, of course, of course, of courseIt may also become very loving, and may be mental anxiety or even depression.This is because the changes in hormones during pregnancy affect the nerve transmission substances in the pregnant woman’s brain, causing emotional fluctuations, and the condition of each pregnant woman is different.Therefore, the sudden emotional change has become a signal of possible pregnancy.

If women have too much emotional fluctuations in pregnancy and even anxiety and depression, they should ask a doctor to assist as soon as possible to avoid danger.

Novice Mother, improvement of fatigue and pregnancy in the early stages of pregnancy

The first three months after pregnancy are the important growth period of the fetus and the most unstable period of small life.Through the above introduction, we know that this period of time is also the most difficult for pregnant women. It is fatigue. Especially some sensitive women will have strong pregnancy vomiting. How can this improve?

At this time, it is very important for pregnant women and fetuses. Women should listen to the needs of the body. Don’t be too stubborn. After going home for a while on weekends and after get off work, raise your feet as much as possible to slow down the pace of life.In addition, there may be nausea and vomiting, but this is normal. Some studies have shown that pregnancy is a natural response to protect babies from being exempted from potential harmful food harm.Women can consult a physician to reduce the occurrence of nausea by taking vitamin B6.

A balanced diet can be adopted, eating less and more meals to avoid being too full or hungry.Avoid greasy, spicy, and uncomfortable food when smelling.When you feel disgusting, you can eat a little salty food, such as chicken soup, salty picked biscuits, etc.However, if severe vomiting symptoms, such as rapid weight loss, vomiting a day, and feel dizzy, you need to seek a doctor for treatment.

In the early stages of pregnancy at 6 o’clock health principles

In addition to relieving fatigue and pregnancy, please pay attention to the following 6 principles in the early stages of pregnancy:

Quit alcohol: Drinking during pregnancy will cause the fetus to have congenital defects in the brain and heart, as well as the risk of other health complications.

Regular exercise: Adults recommend exercising for at least 150 minutes a week to maintain health, and pregnant women are no exception.It is recommended to consult a doctor to evaluate, and then perform low -level exercises such as yoga, swimming or fast walking, and do not recommend excessive exercise methods.

There are taboos in taking medicine: Before taking any western medicine, Chinese medicine, patent medicine or supplement, please consult a doctor, and read more medicines, and then take it before taking it.

Avoid high temperature: Too high body temperature will hurt the fetus, especially in the early stages of pregnancy.If you make a sauna or take a hot bath, control it within 10 minutes.

Avoid eating too much: In fact, it is better to maintain the original diet in the early stages of pregnancy. In the middle and late stages, you only need to consume about 300 calories every day.And it is more important than the increase in calories, supplementing key nutrition.

Comfortable to wear: Do not wear too tight clothing after pregnancy, which may cause problems such as back pain and varicose veins.In terms of underwear, try to choose a special special underwear material.

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