Is there a difference between the same room during pregnancy?These points are beyond your imagination

During pregnancy, there are many problems that pregnant mothers need to pay attention to. Many things that can be done in normal life before are prohibited during pregnancy.The cosmetics dare not use it, nails dare not make it. Many foods that I love to eat before are dare not eat during pregnancy. I am afraid that it will affect the baby’s development.In fact, there is another very important thing. Many people will quit during pregnancy, that is, the problem of the same room during pregnancy, because I am afraid that the same room will hurt the baby during the special period.Everyone is very careful.

So is you absolutely not the same room during pregnancy?

In the early and during pregnancy and the third trimester, it is indeed impossible to do the same room. In the early pregnancy, the embryo is not stable. If the same room is really easy to cause miscarriage, it must be prohibited.All should be paid attention to.During the third trimester, the pregnant mother was already bulky, and it was inconvenient to move. There would be a lot of discomfort in the body. It was very inconvenient in the same room. At this time, the same room was easy to stimulate the contraction, and the baby was prone to suffocation.In addition, the palace mouth will gradually begin during this period, and the same room will easily cause infection.Therefore, in the third trimester, you can’t have the same room.

So if you want to do the same room, it is relatively safe in the second trimester. At this time, the baby is relatively stable. As long as the action range is not large and does not compress the baby, there is generally no problem.Of course, for the more cautious pregnant mothers, even if they can be in the same room at this time, they still require themselves strictly and think that it would be better to control it.For other pregnant mothers, they may not think so much. On the one hand, they are their own needs, and on the other hand, they also take into account the emotions of her husband.

In fact, not to mention that the proper room in the middle of pregnancy is also good for the baby. So what is the difference between the same room and different rooms for the baby?

In the same room in the middle of pregnancy, if you do it, you can promote uterine contraction. At this time, uterine contraction can promote blood circulation, which can help the baby to better absorb nutrients and help the baby’s development.

In addition, when the pregnant mother is in the same room, it is conducive to the contraction and relaxation of the pelvic cavity and lower abdomen, which is equivalent to the role of the mid -pregnancy exercise. If it is naturally childbirth, the baby is more likely to give birth.Sin.

Therefore, when pregnant mothers are in the middle of pregnancy, they can let themselves appropriately. Don’t be too restrained, but don’t be too intense. Pay attention to the position and movement of movements to meet your needs and avoid hurting your baby. If you all do it, you can do it.In place, the impact on the baby is left!

Topic discussion: Do you agree with the same room during pregnancy? Will you be wronged in the same room to take care of your husband’s selfish desire?

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