Is there no fetal heart bud for 2 months of pregnancy?

With the bad living habits of modern people, staying up late, smoking, drinking, chewing betel nut, and food or excessive chemicals, radiation products, etc. of too many additives, etc., during pregnancy, it can easily lead to fetal malformation and fetal development delayed delayed development of fetal development., Even leading to fetal stopping, which requires abortion.

Due to the dysplasia of the fetus in the early pregnancy or abortion of fetal stopping, it is not only a sad thing, but also brings a lot of shadows to pregnant women. Worried about repetitive problems after pregnancy. Some people even suffer from this.Depression.

Is it necessary to stop the fetus for 2 months of pregnancy?

Although normally speaking, the fetal buds appear at 40 ~ 50 days, and the fetal heart should appear at 50 to 60 days. It is likely that the fetal heart buds are not found without detecting the fetal heart buds, which may cause abnormal fetal development.

However, because each person’s ovulation time is not necessarily, and this time should be determined according to the normal ovulation time. Some people have a late ovulation and the bedtime is relatively late, so it will cause fetal buds and fetal hearts. ThereforeGenerally, you need to wait 7 to 10 days before reviewing the situation.

In addition, if the progesterone is too low, there may be a threatened abortion, which needs to be treated.

Of course, if the ovulation is normal, there is still no fetal buds for 2 months of pregnancy, or after 10 days of review, there is still no fetal buds. It is mostly tire to stop, which requires a timely abortion.

Is there any performance of fetal stopping?

A large number of people have abnormal manifestations when there are fetal stopping. For example, there are some pregnancy and breast tenderness and discomfort during pregnancy. These symptoms have improved before 3 months.It may be a manifestation of fetal stopping, and these symptoms need to be checked in time in time.

Of course, some people have no performance of fetal stopping, and they are discovered during inspection.

Once a child is stopped, will you still have fetal stopping in your next pregnancy?

Some people have occurrence of fetal stopping only by accident. The next time they can get pregnant normally without any problems, but some people will have the problem of fetal stopping many times.Essence

Generally speaking, as long as it is not an embryo itself, it will generally not cause multiple fetal stopping, just prepare for pregnancy.

However, if there are two or more fetal stopping, you must pay attention to a detailed examination, which is likely to occur in most tires.

If you only occasionally stopped, pay attention to quit smoking and alcohol in the next pregnancy, quit the habit of chewing betel nut, maintain good work and rest habits, balance nutrition, supplement folic acid in 3 months in advance, and improve your physical fitness for more exercise.Healthy babies don’t need to worry too much.


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