Is this bread difficult to breathe after eating cephalosporin?Many people have eaten …

After taking cephalosporin drugs in Shanghai, she took half a piece of bread and felt difficulty in breathing. The bread packaging bag read "built -in food alcohol -protective prefabricated agent", which caused heated discussions.

On June 27, Tao Li Bakery customer service responded: "This product uses alcohol to preserve quality, contains trace consumption of alcohol, and special constitution is recommended to eat better in accordance with doctors."After taking cephalosporin drugs, they should avoid eating alcoholic food or drinks in their diet. Otherwise, the sulfurite -like response will be particularly strong, and severe cases will be life -threatening. "

customer service:

Special physical fitness suggests to follow the doctor’s advice

Recently, Ms. Wang (pseudonym) in Shanghai took half a piece of bread after taking cephalosporins, and consciously breathing difficulties, dizziness, hurriedly seek medical treatment, and then looked back at the bread packaging bag. "Fresh preservation agent … Do not eat this product for alcohol -sensitive. "

The packaging of the bread is written on the "sensitive to alcohol, please do not eat this product."

"I almost thought that she was going to die, and found that it was okay, but it was still uncomfortable. It is best not to eat this kind of bread after eating cephalosporin." She sent text and pictures to the Internet, causing widespread attention.Some people remind, "Cefbaling with wine, go away, don’t try." Some people calmly said: "The reaction of alcohol and cephalosporin is a probability problem."

Ms. Wang’s medical records

According to the pictures displayed by Ms. Wang, the bread brand involved is the Tao Li brand natural yeast bread (milk custard flavor). The packaging says that "the packaging of food that is harmless to the human body will be placed in the packaging bag."Medical medical records in the emergency department of a hospital in Shanghai showed that "the patient complained: After half a day, I consciously breathed the difficulty of breathing after half a day. I took cephalosporids 2 days before and accompanied by head pain. Diagnosis: Difficulty of breathing."

On June 27, when you log in to a third -party e -commerce platform Tao Li Food flagship store as a consumer, the customer service responded: "This product uses alcohol slices to preserve the quality, contains trace alcohol.. "For the problem of whether to eat this bread after taking cephalosporin drugs, the customer service said:" For those with special constitutions, it is recommended to eat better according to the doctor’s advice. "


Four people such as alcohol sensitive people have a strong response

As the saying goes, "Cefbal with wine, go away."On September 1, 2022, a man in Shijiazhuang had a light idea due to emotional problems. Drinking 1 catties of white wine to eat 18 packs of cephalosporins caused heated public opinion.In June 2022, Mr. Zhou, 49, Shenzhen, Guangdong, took some cephalosporin drugs due to cold symptoms and drank a few glasses of wine the next night.The next morning, Mr. Zhou had difficulty breathing and was sent to the ground to be sent to the ground.

So, what is the harm of cephalosporin and alcohol?Mr. Guo, a practicing physician in Chongqing, said that after using cephalosporin drugs, do not contact alcohol -containing foods and alcohol to avoid adverse reactions.Dr. Guo explained: "Cobe drugs can inhibit the acetaldehyde dehydrogenase in the process of alcohol metabolism, leading to the accumulation of acetaldehyde in the body, and a double -sulfurite -like reaction. The specific performance is mainly red, headache, dizziness, abdominal pain, nausea, vomitingOr breathing rapid and accelerated heart rate. If you do not get timely treatment, it may lead to shock or even death. "

Dr. Guo finally emphasized: "Generally, the severity of the sulfur -lun -like response is directly proportional to the dose and intake of alcohol.The reaction of 4 people is particularly strong. "

Pay attention to use medicine!

You need to know the common sense of medication

Comprehensive: People’s Daily, Shangguan News, Beijing Time, New Express

Source: Harbin Daily

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