Is traditional Chinese medicine safe?There are also use taboos when you are pregnant, and quickly watch!

Clinically, it is often encountered that mothers believe that some prescriptions cause miscarriage or even death in order not to take Western medicine.

As a special group, pregnant women avoid western medicine and prefer the wrong concept of traditional Chinese medicine.In fact, many Chinese medicine components have a great impact on pregnant women, let’s take a look at it together.

In my country, Chinese medicine or Chinese medicines account for a large proportion of medicine during pregnancy, but my country has not yet formulated a clear grading system for the use of Chinese medicine during pregnancy, and Chinese medicine lacks exact animal or clinical research evidence.In view of this, referring to the relevant provisions of the "National Pharmacopoeia" formulated by the National Pharmaceutical Code in my country, it is divided into disabled drugs, avoid drugs, and take medicine according to the degree of drug toxicity, strong effects, and impact on the fetus and mother.

Taboo for pregnancy

First, banned pills: absolutely prohibited use.Including 芫 包括 (青) 包括), spotted mulberry, lequee, tapeworm, black head, wilder, mercury, Pakotou, 芫 包括, 蜈, Trilogen, musk, halberd, frost, yellow powder, horse money, money money, money moneyZi, toad crisp, Chuanwu, Caowu, quinoa, bile alum, Guati, Gan Sui, gangsters, Shanglu, dry paint, Dinggong vine, earthworm, Matsulin, Tianxian vine, all -allScorpion, red powder, alert, poppy shell, cinnabar, two tips, sheep flowers, foreign golden flowers, black grass and so on.

Tianshan snow lotus

Second, avoid medication: avoid use or best not to use it.Including Da Sapo, Tianshan Snow Lotus.

Third, use medicine carefully: Be careful under certain conditions, but it must be closely monitored and reacted after medication., Green alum, no medicine, pangolin, album, coix seed, cicada, small bone, flying grass, Wang Boxing, borneol, wooden pupa, mimic, bitter skin, 郁 、, tiger sticks, cinnamon branches, cinnamon branches, cinnamon branches, Ling Xiaohua, Tongcao, Qu Mai, etc.

Taboo for pregnancy

The above drugs are classified with herbs, and the proprietary Chinese medicines are not mentioned. If it is obtained, it is recommended to compare the above figure to avoid causing adverse consequences.

In short, regardless of traditional Chinese medicine or western medicine, the mechanism of action on pregnant women is very complicated. Usually pay attention to good life habits, and avoiding drugs as much as possible is the most important thing!

For your and your family, please collect it; in order to benefit more people, please share; in order to continue to understand more drug safety, please pay attention!

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