Is your health good? The leucorrhea is calculated. If these five cases appear in the leucor

Not only are the aunts but also leucorrhea close to women. If the health of women see if he knows if he.

Leucorrhea is not only a physical secretion, but also a symbol of health. When any of his color smell changes, it shows that his body has a problem, and you have paid attention to it.

There are three types of leucorrhea

1. Maintaining the health of the vagina, the self -cleaning function of the white background can balance the bacterial balance in the vagina, and it may also resist the bacteria outside the outside world to keep the vagina clean.

2. Auxiliary conception

You can understand your own ovulation cycle change through the change of leucorrhea, and to achieve the chance of conception through such changes.

3. Early warning device

The change of leucorrhea traits and conventional examinations can diagnose female gynecological diseases, and it is also a diagnosis indicator of gynecological diseases.

So don’t underestimate the body’s secretion. His changes are important, so we need to know what circumstances is normal, and what situation is abnormal to see a doctor.

Normal leucorrhea is transparent, just like egg white, with a little fishy smell, or no smell, and a little stickiness. Generally, there are not many conditions, but this amount needs to be different from person to person.Because the problem of physical health changes, it will also change due to hormone changes in their bodies.

For example, the leucorrhea during ovulation will become more, the leucorrhea will be yellow after the ovulation period, and the leucorrhea will be reduced or increased after pregnancy.

But when there is the following five cases, it means that your health is wrong

1. White beans become tofu -like

If your leucorrhea is like a tofu residue or a very sticky color is still yellow, and the vulva is very itchy with a little burning sensation. At this time, it may suffer from mold vaginitis.

2. The leucorrhea is thin and gray

The leucorrhea is gray and there is a fishy smell. If the vulva itching may have bacterial vaginitis at this time.

3. The leucorrhea is thick and there are foam

When the body’s leucorrhea occurs, it is gray -white and a very heavy odor, itching of the vulva, at this time, it may suffer from trichomonal vaginitis.

4. The white dot is thick and thick

When the leucorrhea suddenly increases, the color is yellow and it is very thick. At this time, you should pay attention to your own intrauterine changes. It may be diseases such as cervicitis and cervic tubeitis.

5. Blood leucorrhea

I think few people will have such leucorrhea. When the leucorrhea is mixed with blood wire, it must not be careless. It may be the signs of cervical cancer, endometrial cancer, and cervical polyps.

It can be seen that the changes in leucorrhea are related to their own health, and observing subtle changes in their bodies is also a responsibility to their health, so do not care when the leucorrhea occurs above the above five situations.


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