Isn’t it pregnant?This is definitely the most impressive of pregnancy hemorrhoids during pregnancy

A few days ago, the bacteria brushed the circle of friends from a pregnant mother and sprayed instantly:

Spray the toilet with blood.EssenceEssenceThis picture makes the bacteria do not know if it is distressed to be pregnant, or the toilet is distressed first

Of course, as a humanitarian bacteria, how can we spray such a "miserable" numbness?(A serious face)

Therefore, after the reflection of the fungus all night, he vowed to rescue the majority of pregnant mothers in the fire and fire, so that hemorrhoids with hemorrhoids away from the sea of suffering!

Why 70 % of pregnant women get hemorrhoids?

Although hemorrhoids are "hemorrhoids", they are actually raised and curled caused by venous lesions.During pregnancy is a high incidence of hemorrhoids, with an incidence of 76%.

This is because after pregnancy, with the growth of the fetus and the increase of the uterus, the lower cavity vein is put into pressure, making it difficult for the blood to return smoothly and form a stasis.

Coupled with the small amount of activity during pregnancy, the weight increases too fast.

In this way, hemorrhoids naturally come to the door.

What are the manifestations of hemorrhoids during pregnancy?

The numbness of hemorrhoids during pregnancy generally has the following symptoms.

1. Constipation: Hemorrhoids and constipation are good sisters, and they generally affect each other.

2. The perianal is humid, itching, and a foreign body sensation: the skin around the anus will be humid, often feel itching, pain, foreign body, and also smell.

3. Pain: The anus will be very painful when pulling up, inflammatory external hemorrhoids, thrombosis external hemorrhoids will hurt more.

4. Blood in the stool: there will be a condition of stool with blood, or drip -shaped blood. It will be severely sprayed with bright red blood like the pregnant mother at the beginning of this article, but this situation generally does not hurt very much.

5. Sloping and (or) protruding: As the condition worsen, some numbness will also appear hemorrhoids out of the anus, and they cannot even return to their own. The embedded meal will cause pain to be unbearable.The external hemorrhoids are mostly highlighted.

Therefore, the hemorrhoids are numb, and you will feel that "chrysanthemum" is always hot and hot, and the stool is bleeding. Suddenly there is a few more meatballs on the fart …

This embarrassment makes a lot of numbness can’t help but vomit:

It’s not comfortable to walk without both feet, rubbing friction is the pace of the devil …

When the neighbors saw that I was weird, let me pay attention to restraint during pregnancy. Don’t be too indulgent?What?The old lady is just a hemorrhoids!IntersectionIntersection

Hemorrhoids can’t even sit down!IntersectionYou can only lie down, squat, and sideways, but you can’t sit!

There are even numb roar:

Hemorrhoid cream dare not use!I am afraid that if the fetus is not good, what else do you want to do?Intersection

How to defeat the hemorrhoids this "little smashing"?

Although it is during pregnancy, there are still many ways to prevent and cope with "hemorrhoids" without hurting the baby!

1. Hemorrhoids are not serious, so the focus is on prevention:

1. Drink plenty of water

Pregnant mothers are best to drink 1500ml ~ 1700ml of water every day, and 200ml of cups are about 7-9 cups.

2. Eat more foods containing crude fiber, and eat less spicy food

Eat more fruits and fruits and miscellaneous grains, such as celery, radish, pear, oats, brown rice, etc., eat less meals, don’t overeating.

3. Do not sit for a long time, squat for a long time, and move appropriately during pregnancy.

4. Develop good habits of time -drawing

Pull up the rap every day. Even if you do n’t want to pull it at that time, you will go to the toilet squat to make yourself a habit.

5. Do not have more than 10 minutes each squatting toilet

If you can’t pull it out, you can squat for a while and go out.

Do not squat in the toilet to play mobile phones, because it is easy to forget time, squat for too long, but aggravate hemorrhoids.

6. After 4 months of pregnancy, you can do anal shrinkage, 3-7 times a day, 30 to 40 times each time;

Method: Tighten the anus, raise it up, then relax, relax, and repeat.

7. After the stool before going to bed every night, after cleaning the anus, press the anus with a hot towel.

When hemp presses the anus, massage 15 times in a clockwise and counterclockwise direction, which can improve the local blood circulation.

8. If the stool is dry, pulling the pipe is too strenuous, you can use the lactation to urinate, which will not affect the baby.

In addition to massaging the anus action, other methods can also be used to prevent hemorrhoids.

Second, hemorrhoids are serious, available safety drugs

If the hemorrhoids are severe, pregnant mothers can actually use medication, such as the suppository and ointment of the compound corner of the corner.

So, can he hemorrhoids do surgery during pregnancy?

Mammoth during pregnancy is not recommended for surgery.Pain, mental tension, and antibiotics after surgery may affect the baby.

After the pregnant mother unloads, the pressure in the abdomen begins to decrease, the venous return disorder is lifted, and the hemorrhoids can generally become smaller and shrinking by themselves within 3 to 4 months, and surgery is no longer needed.

If the condition is severe, the pregnancy can be surgery after the puerlasses.

For the hemorrhoids before pregnancy, it is best to cure it and then get pregnant, which will be less tortured.

In short, the "little smashing" of hemorrhoids can still be defeated, after all, there is a bacteria!

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