It didn’t take long for my ex -husband to divorce, but I unexpectedly found that I was pregnant

There is no doubt that the child is from the ex -husband.I decided to tell him.After all, he is my child’s father, and I want to ask his opinion.After the call, he came over quickly, took me to the hospital for examination, and then he said something that made me difficult to understand.

I am 30 years old this year is a coquettish girl at home.The name is Yuer.I have been born in an intellectual family since I was a child.Dad is a university professor and mother is a middle school teacher.Since childhood, he has inherited the good genes of parents.Academic performance has always been one of the best in the class.The teacher said I am a smart child

My parents thought that I was a pearl on my palm. I bought a piano for me from an early age, saying that the girl had to have skills and hired a tutor to teach me to practice piano.Later, I found that I was very talented in hosting, and applied for a broadcast host class.

Because I have studied well and hosted a piano performance meeting, I have always been a good child in the eyes of other parents. I have received attention everywhere. My parents are proud of me. People praise me smart and sensible.

From elementary school to junior high school, smooth and smooth water, and the college entrance examination successfully entered Nankai University.In the four years of college, there are countless pursuers around me, but I do n’t know if the horizons are too high or the fate is not good, that is, do not give all men a chance.So everyone’s goodness was rejected by me.They said later that I was a proud swan.How high it can’t be climbed.

After graduating, I entered a listed company for finance and was chosen as chief financial officer a year later.That day, the company owner congratulated me for a banquet. I drank a few more cups on the banquet seat. After drinking, I went to KTV to sing. It was already 1 am when I came back.

It seems that it is not the way home. I hurriedly asked the driver to park, but he ignored me at all. When he couldn’t see the village, he stopped the car. He tried to catch me. I shouted desperately and twisted with him.

Suddenly a young man jumped out, he subdued the driver in three or two times, and then called 110 to call the police. The gangsters were taken away.Then he rode a motorcycle on his way home. I carefully observed the young man. The young man made me feel very good, especially those eyes were too attractive, and I was deeply attracted.

After that, I found that he was two years older than me. He was a high student who graduated from Nankai University. It can be said that he was my senior.Now working in an advertising company.Their family is rural, so there is no social background in the city, so they work average.

I confessed to him several times, and he disagreed.He always said that he couldn’t match me, but I was so real.If it is what others do not agree, I have to do it.So under my violent pursuit, he finally agreed to fall in love with me.After listening to the parents, they were not willing at first.Children from the countryside are usually too masculine and are afraid that I will be bullied with him, but I like him and can’t help it.My parents couldn’t twist me, so I had to agree.

After getting married, his parental relationship allowed him to enter the joint venture, mainly responsible for import and export trade.He came in and worked in a solid work and quickly leaped in his career. After half a year, he became a department manager. His parents also had a deeper understanding of him.

In fact, when we were just married, we were still very happy, but with the development of the career, he was getting busy, he came back late every day, and he was drunk many times. I understood him.He also worked hard for this home.

But suddenly one day, we quarreled because of a word. He moved to the company with his suitcase. At first, he thought he was angry and would come back two days later.But half a month passed, he still didn’t send me a text message, called a call, let alone go home.

I went to the company to find him, but I saw him and the beautiful woman holding his arms at the gate.I hid in the corner and didn’t dare to come out.I didn’t wake up until their shadow went away. I always loved him and thought he would love me like me, but he betrayed me.

I resolutely chose to divorce, and he signed it happily, and left without returning.I can’t believe where I am wrong. At the beginning, my choice was wrong, or a woman should not pursue men.Did I make his face, but let him cherish it?

After the divorce, I worked hard and wanted to forget him, but I found that I was pregnant at the medical examination that day.There is no doubt that this child is from the ex -husband.I was completely stunned, I really don’t know what to do next.After all, the child is him, and I think it is necessary to let him know about it anyway.

So I called him and told him about pregnancy.After a while, he drove over and took me to the hospital for a detailed examination. After confirming that the pregnancy, he said calmly to me."Child, just do that, who will give you a little economic compensation."

I looked at him, and the last hope was completely shattered.I said myself."Get, don’t see you anymore." "He put down a card, and left without returning. It was as decisive as the days when they left home.

For me, I no longer have fantasies, but as a mother, I don’t want to kill my children.After all, he is a little life. What would you do if you are me?

Many times, we naively think that the grace of life is love.Therefore, as a woman, as a woman, I think we should treat feelings carefully in the future life, and do not lose myself because of love.As for children, I also hope you will be born on the position of a woman.I don’t know how to go in the future, but the child is innocent.If he was killed, I think the second half of life will be uneasy.What do you say?Welcome to comment

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