It is a longan in August, and its sex is pure and round.

The ancients had a saying, called "good medicine and bitterness." It is the best treatment time to teach people not to taboo the bitterness of medicinal materials and delay the disease.

Today, this taste medicinal material shared with you is not only not bitter, but also very delicious.

It is longan meat.

Longan matures in August of the lunar calendar each year. In ancient times, August was called "Gui", and the fruits of longan were round. Therefore, longan is also known as longan.


Longan is native to southern my country, such as Guangdong, Fujian, Taiwan and other places.The history of cultivation can be traced back to the Han Dynasty more than 2,000 years ago.

"Hou Han Book": "Han Nai sent a single to envoys, the order of the order will be sent … orange orange, longan, lychee."


Of course, longan meat is not only ingredients, but also blindly medicinal materials.In the "Book of Books", there is a saying that "Jiufu has a strong soul and is smart." Therefore, longan meat also has the name of "puzzle".

"Qi Min Yao Shu": "A puzzle of Longan, a comparison."

So, what are the medicinal effects of longan meat we usually eat?May wish to make a cup of tea first, add a little longan, and listen to Yuan Zhi.

What is "palpitations"?

The so -called "palpitations" are said that they are not restless because of fright.

The so -called "” 忡 "is similar to the meaning of" palpitations ", and it is also a supplement to palpitations. It refers to heartbeat and fear of anxiety.

"Suwen Xuanji Original": "Intimate heart and chest, which is called stubborn."

"Chishui Xuanzhu": "Those who are stubborn, be vigilant in their hearts."

Therefore, those with palpitations often feel panic and tired.It’s okay during the day, but at night, the heart is fluttering, so how can you still sleep!

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that this is mainly due to the deficiency of qi and blood, and the loss of yang qi, and then it is difficult to promote the operation of qi and blood.

If it is still difficult to understand, give you a simple example.As we all know, fish can be comfortable in the sea and river.Once he was stranded by the big waves to the coast, he could only struggle repeatedly in the puddle.And our hearts are like fish. Healthy people have sufficient qi and blood in the body, and naturally they are like a sea lake.But those who are deficient in qi and blood are like this puddle, and the heart can only flutter in the puddle.

Longan meat is sweet and tonic, warm and good, and in the heart of the heart and good heart, goodness and puzzle, coupled with the peaceful nature, but without cold and heat bias, it is a good medicine for nourishing.

In addition, longan meat is entered into the spleen meridian, and the spleen is the source of qi and blood biochemical.Therefore, those with palpitations often use longan meat alone.


If you want to be better, you can add astragalus, angelica, and jujube, that is, to nourish the home -spleen soup.




When people go old, the quality of sleep is a straightforward drop. If it is awakened in the middle of the night, it is difficult to fall asleep.

I didn’t sleep well at night, and the spirit of the day was naturally not much better.

I turned around and forgot what I just wanted to do;

Obviously something happened, and couldn’t remember, even if others made a pre -confession, they still ignored it.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the heart of the heart, the hard work of the heart, the loss of God’s loses, is the foundation of the forgetfulness;

Chinese medicine also said that the kidney is the innate foundation, the kidney water is exhausted, and the congenital loss is the source of the forgetfulness.

Of course, congenital deficiency can not only improve the innate and directly improve, but also indirectly improved through the nature of the acquired.

Longan meat enters the heart and spleen meridian, which is good and full of heart and nourish the heart, but also benefits the spleen and stomach, and enriches the nature of the day to nourish the innate.

Heart and kidneys are intelligent and intelligent, and the heart and kidney are separated and intelligent.A person’s ears are not born in the heart and kidney, but the heart and kidney intersect.When the kidney water is in the heart, the intelligence is endless; the fire is in the kidney, and the intelligence is endless.

"Kaibao Materia Medica": "Bettering the spleen and puzzling."

"Daily Materia Medica": "Puzzle Ningxin."


Some of the long -term illness, the first healing of the serious illness, the decline of the old body, or the women’s birth, most of them are accompanied by insufficient qi and blood. At this time, some longan meat can be improved.

Longan meat is eased, and when it is supplemented, don’t worry that you should not be too much and not supplemented.

"Dyed the Grass": "By the spleen and stomach, protect the heart, moisturize the five internal organs, and cure it."


The predecessor had an idiom called "sleeping and forgetting to eat". It was said that the time when he was busy at work and eating and sleeping.

It should be noted that it is too busy and anxious, and it is easy to damage the spleen and stomach.

Because the spleen is the main idea!

You go to see, some people are overwhelmed all day long, uneasy, and worry about this, you have to worry about that, and there are some problems with the spleen and stomach function.

There are also people who always feel that they are uncomfortable and have stomach problems. After going to the hospital to improve the examination, there is no disease. In fact, it is caused by excessive thoughts.

At this time, take some longan meat!

Longan meat enters the spleen meridian and nourishes the spleen and nourish the stomach, helps the spleen and health, and is mostly used to treat excessive thoughts and sorrows the spleen.

"Quanzhou Materia Medica": "Aphrodisiac nourishes qi, nourishing the spleen and stomach."


In addition, longan meat can also be used for lung deficiency cough.

Someone may ask, how can longan meat is a supplementary medicinal material, how can there be a cough effect?

Longan meat does not have the effect of relieving cough.Of course, the chronic cough is different from the beginning of the cough,

At the beginning of the cough, most of them were caused by the invasion of the exogenous and evil, so it was the main way to dispel evil;

For those who have been cough for a long time, lung qi is deficient and does not solid, and the more coughing the lung qi, the more deficiency, so the course of disease is longer.

Longan meat mainly enters the spleen meridian and nourishes the temper. The spleen and soil are the mother of the lung gold.

"Materia Medica": "Run the lungs and cough."


However, the power of monocyloniae to nourish the spleen and lung qi is limited. After all, it can be added with concentrated and solid medicinal materials such as five flavors and dogwood to stabilize the lung qi and keep it.



Longan meat has a lot of efficacy.

For this reason, those who are dampness of sputum, or those who have evil spirits from the beginning of the cough must be used with caution.

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