It is also pregnant. Why do some people vomiting seriously, but some people have nothing?

Hua Xiaolu has a colleague who has been pregnant recently. It is serious about her pregnancy. It is uncomfortable to watch her!Distressed her for a second …

When it comes to pregnancy, pregnancy must be an topic.Speaking of pregnancy, it is really the bitter tears of many mothers:

Mother Xiaobao: From the beginning of pregnancy to fast production, she really vomited to doubt life, but she thought about her baby gritting her teeth. Finally, she saw that the child was healthy and born, and everything was worth it.

Mother Tingting: Except for sleeping, the rest of the time is either vomiting or on the way to vomiting.

There are also lucky mothers who have a low response during pregnancy, even without:

Mother Yuanzi: I did n’t spit in a bite during pregnancy.

Little flower mother: I vomited the first three months, and then I was fine. Overall during pregnancy.

Studies have shown that 50% of pregnant women have symptoms of pregnancy.Although pregnancy vomiting is a common symptom of pregnancy, severe pregnancy vomiting will not only affect the baby, but also threaten the lives of expectant mothers.

Why is pregnancy vomiting?

Pregnancy is generally obvious in early pregnancy, so some people think that the symptoms of pregnancy are reminding the pregnant mother that you are pregnant!

There are two main reasons for the reaction of pregnancy vomiting:

1. Physical reasons

After pregnancy, the chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) and estrogen levels will increase, which will lead to pregnancy.Although it does not directly prove that the two are correlated, it can be determined that this is a normal phenomenon.

2. The reason for "evolution"

The occurrence of "pregnancy vomiting" also has so -called human "evolution" doctrine. The biggest purpose is to protect children.

Its role first reminds you that you are pregnant, and you need to pay attention to adjust your lifestyle appropriately.The second is a self -protection mechanism that allows expectant mothers to vomit bad and toxic food at any time to avoid hurting the child.Of course, this is just a saying.

In fact, for the prospective mothers in "preservation", doctors generally want to see the emergence of "pregnancy vomiting". The power of vomiting generally indicates that the level of HCG is high and the probability of poor embryo is relatively small.If you don’t feel at all, you must be vigilant, because after the embryo stops developing, the level of HCG decreases, and there will be no "pregnancy vomiting" or "pregnancy vomiting" to relieve.

How to deal with severe pregnancy?

Light moderate pregnancy generally does not require special treatment. When severe pregnancy, it can be adjusted psychologically from diet, living habits, and psychological.

1. Eat less meals

Premier mothers who are pregnant will not eat because they are afraid of vomiting, but they are empty in this stomach, and they are even more uncomfortable when they are acidic.You can change your daily diet to eat less meals. Do not eat too much, drink plenty of water, replenish melon fruits and vegetables, and avoid dehydration.

2. Appropriate exercise

Proper exercise is conducive to promoting digestion and alleviating the discomfort of the stomach. You can take more walks after meals.

3. Keep your mood happy

There is a good mood during pregnancy. It is the most important thing. Only when you are happy, your baby will grow up healthy.

4. Stay away from "strange" taste

During pregnancy, pregnant mothers are more sensitive to odor, and some tastes may cause pregnancy of pregnant mothers. Therefore, pay attention to less contact with those disgusting smells, such as dense places for people.

5. Reasonable medication

If daily diet and exercise cannot relieve pregnancy, you can take vitamin B6 according to the doctor’s order to help the vitamin after consulting the doctor.

The following situations must seek medical treatment in time:

1. Can’t eat (food and liquid)

2. dehydration (the number of urination becomes less, the skin is rough and dark)

3. Vomit with blood

4. Symptoms of pregnancy drama vomiting

Most pregnant mothers start pregnancy and vomiting in the second trimester, and their appetite will become better, and the baby’s nutrition can keep up in time.If pregnancy is not relieved, you should seek medical treatment in time in time, do not taboo for illness.

Small pregnancy vomiting, I did not expect that the pregnant mothers were a great test. From the moment they became expectant mothers, they were all diligently and greatly selfless and great.Every dedication is for the healthy growth of children, saying to all mothers in the world: hard ~!

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